Goonies 2Just when we all thought the Goonies were going to return to the big screen, it seems production has hit a snag. Jeff Cohen who played Chunk, was part of the Goonies Never Say Die! event in Astoria, Oregon on Saturday. During a "Growing Up Goonie" Q&A Cohen revealed that he was contacted by Steven Spielberg last year and though the pitch was "funny," the suits at Warner Brothers aren't willing to play ball. According to Cohen, Donner, Spielberg and most of the cast were on board but the company wasn't willing to fund the production. However, other companies/investors are interested and willing to cough up the necessary cash - but Warner, who owns the rights, is refusing to budge.

Over the weekend, they premiered a new documentary by Ron Fugelseth and Patrick Radcliff which included interviews with crew members. "Goonies 2 will still happen," said director Richard Donner. "Provided enough of you keep complaining and sending in letters."

But there is some good news. Cohen hinted that there's another Goonies product in the works, set for release next year, but was unable to reveal any details. hmmmmmm...

The weekend-long conference/20th anniversary celebration offered tours of the Goonie house, Ecola State Park, film screenings, a parade and more. After a "Truffle Shuffle" contest, a fan dressed like Sloth proposed to his girlfriend on stage. Two fan couples got married at the Goonie house late on Saturday afternoon. Further information on the documentary can be found at You can read Bradon's full report of the event at the link below.
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