Yep, it's over. We coaxed our readers into writing raps for screening passes, and we got some fantastic and hilarious entires. So, who's going to the advanced screenings of Hustle and Flow, Craig Brewer's Sundance-winning film, to be released by Paramount and MTV Films on July 13? Give the proverbial big ups to Bria, our LA winner, and Bon, who will be going to the screening in New York. Check out their entries after the jump. Winners: please contact us at cinematical -at- ASAP!
pre>Bon (NY Winner)

Pimpin hoes is Howard's hustle
Oh no pimps don't flow they collect dough from hoes who
work they vaginal muscles
Them chick better have the money or he'll find and bust you
Then he'll go in the studio and write lines about the
In the dirty south pimp game there's various modes
Luda, Luda, you know he got hoes in different area codes
and with John singleton it's about to get real serious
He made Luda into a ghetto superstar in 2fast2furious
I admitt I did'nt catch that King's Ransom
But I know ya'll seen a bunch of movies with rappers that
had Anthony Anderson
We can say pimpin is a part of the rap game
Name a rapper that does'nt talkin about it who got fame
50 cent made a song called P.I.M.P., so you know damn well
this movie is special
Name another rap movie that has won an award at the
sundance festival
Numeral uno this movie might crushed box office on it's
release like sumo's
For now just wait till it's the 28th of June hoes
That's if your living in LA but you can catch me on July 7
in New York when it plays

Bria (LA winner)

Yea Yea, Check It!
You know Hustle and Flow is the way to go
It's fresh and hip on the cool tip
To put Memphis on the map is the reason for this rap
I should be the first to see this flick in L.A
I'm sure I'd get a great kick
Pick me, I could be at that Premiere
Have no fear, before I'll be there
If I would be there,I'd represent M-town
It's blowin up da block with this the bomb sound
Memphis is hot, hitting that spot
I'm on fire, through the fire, I'm not a liar
The reason why I care to be at the premiere, to not comb
out my fro but to see hustle and flow!
I wanna see Luda on the big screen, the famous rapper with
the acting dreams
Give me the tickets, I'll review, tell you if it was great
or stunk like stew!