Barnyard, an animated comedy from director Steve Oedekirk, is up a little over half-a-point on volume of over three million shares. So why does that get top billing on the movers chart on the front page of HSX? No idea. It's been on the market for over eight months now and I don't remember reading anything recently about it. Nonetheless it's poster is right there on the homepage. Could it just be that anything CGI animated is newsworthy? If that's the case when will that end because I'm getting quite tired not only of the genre but of the breathlessness these films are promoted with. p> One of the big movers in movies is Inside Man, reuniting Spike Lee and Denzel Washington. It's shares are up 3 3/4 points. Among the movies stars only Jodie Foster's bond has moved at all and it's down 3/4 of a point. When looking at Foster's bond profile I noticed Flora Plum, a movie I seem to remember hearing about off and on for quite a while now. Kind of one of those movies that just can't get made, whether from lack of financing or script problems or mercurial stars. Anyway, the shares of Flora Plum are listed as INACTIVE, confirming my memory that the movie isn't going to be seeing the light of day anytime soon.

Just like her hemlines, Jessica Simpson's bond is up, perhaps because of speculation The Dukes of Hazzard won't be as bad as it could be. There's no real analysis I have to offer here. It was just an excuse for the hemline joke.

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