A Scanner Darkly
The first panel at this year's Comic-Con was Warner Independent's discussion and preview of Richard Linklater's adaptation of Philip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly. Producer Tommy Pallotta and animators Sterling Allen, Evan Cagle, Nick Derington, Christopher Jennings, as well as Philip K. Dick himself. Yes, I know, you're saying, 'Dick is dead'. A robot recreation of Dick spoke to the audience, and fielded questions.

They showed a comic-con exclusive trailer that was 2 minutes and 15 seconds with mostly new footage, although Quint from AICN says "the big beats of the teaser trailer were in there". Hopefully the footage will be online soon.

They also showed a scene from the movie that was about Robert Downey Jr.'s character entering the house where Woody, Winona and Keanu are lounging with a bike. In super fast, hyper speech he talks about how he got a deal on it. "It's an 18 gear bike" that he got for $50. Woody points out that there are only 9 gears on the bike and Downey starts going off about how he was ripped off.

At the panel itself they revealed that the total budget, including animation and actor's salaries is $8 million, which is incredible for an animated film if you ask me. The animators are 65-70% done animating the movie, with 5 teams of 10 animators each attacking the workload on the film. One of those teams ONLY works on the Scramble suit. They're hoping to release the film in March of 2006. When asked what the rating of the movie would be, one of the animators responded "We have boobies and frontal." This was greeted to much applause.

AICN has pictures of the whole panel including the robotic Philip K. Dick and four character posters which were on display at the event. Photo credit also goes to AICN.
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