Portman at ComicconProducer Joel Silver, star Natalie Portman, co-producer Grant Hill and co-creator David Lloyd were on hand to show off an exclusive clip which started with a startled Portman running and hiding from "pursuers who want her to give up the identity of the vigilante Vendetta – a masked marauder carrying out his own version of justice on the streets of London." A voice asks Portman if she understands the information they are after. She answers "Yes." Then the voice asks, "Are you ready to tell us the identity of V?" She answers, "No." We then cut to scenes of Vendetta (played by Hugo Weaving) taking out his enemies one by one with a knife. The trailer closes with the voice-over from Hugo Weaving saying "Remember, remember the fifth of November."
In the panel, Portman revealed that she prepared for the role by reading some of the graphic novels' source materials, such as The Gunpowder, Plot, Macbeth and Twelfth Night. This later inspired her to read other comics and graphic novels. "Working from a graphic novel gives such rich textures to work off of."

A comic fan asked why Alan Moore didn't sign off on the project. David Lloyd, co-creator and artist on the original series, answered that Moore would only be happy with a page-by-page adaptation. Lloyd said he only "wanted a great script that captured the essence of the original books."

“After The Matrix films the boys (Andy and Larry Wachowski) were burned out,” Joel Silver explained. “They had worked with James McTeigue (2nd unit photographer) on The Matrix films and that’s who they wanted to direct it.” While this movie may be helmed by somebody else, Silver stated “It’s a Wachowski Brothers movie.” Silver acquired the rights for V For Vendetta along with Watchmen back in 1988.

ComingSoon also ran a 16 minute audio interview with Portman, Silver, Hill and Lloyd which you should check out. IGN has text interviews with Joel Silver and Natalie Portman.

Note: This report has been compiled from reports from Coming Soon, MovieWeb, IGN and AICN. Photo credit goes to AICN, where you can also find a lot more pictures from the panel.
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