Sky HighDisney held a panel discussion for their superhero family action comedy Sky High at Comic-Con. In attendance was director Mike Mitchell, screenwriter Paul Hernandez and actor Bruce Campbell, who plays Coach Boomer in the film. Reports from the panel say that it turned into "The Bruce Campbell Show," and the other guests didn't really get to say much of anything. This is somewhat funny because I'm pretty sure Campbell's role in the film is fairly small.

Anyway, you can read about the humorous, if uneventful panel after the bump...
Hernandez admitted that he originally “tried to sell it as TV series,” but that never happened. Bruce Campbell pointed out that “Kurt Russell did his first Disney movie like 40 years ago.”

Campbell pretended to throw a fit when someone asked if his character was related to Ash, the character he plays in the Evil Dead series. Next, someone asked if Campbell was “a hero or a sidekick?” He pretended to get even madder before calming himself down. He explained, “Russell Crow and I have anger issues.”

Another attendee asked what it was like working with former Wonder Women Lynda Carter. Mike Mitchell said “She’s hot!” While Campbell offered, “She hit on me in the parking lot.”

Okay, so nothing much really came of the Sky High panel.
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