Today's surprising big mover is Rush Hour 3, which last I had heard was mired in negotiations with star Chris Tucker. Seemed Tucker felt he needed a bit more green in order to once again go toe to toe with Jackie Chan. Granted, I only passingly pay attention to news on this flick since I had - and continue to have - no interest in the first two. Actually, I have little interest in any of Jackie Chan's movies and definitely felt him teaming up with Tucker (whom I only found somewhat amusing in The Fifth Element) and hack director Brett Ratner might have been an all-time low or, more accurately, lows. Anyway, somebody must know something I don't since stocks for the third installment are up four points at mid-day.  p>
Oliver Stone's upcoming movie September, focusing on the last couple guys pulled out of the World Trade Center rubble after the attacks of September 11, 2001, is today's IPO Of The Day. Trading already has it down almost three points. Lack of interest, worries about Stone's take on the topic or feelings of it still being too soon are my best guesses as to why the sudden downturn.

Dukes of Hazzard, which received treatment by critics I wouldn't wish on escaped war criminals, is being unloaded by - and this is an estimation on my part - everyone. It's down eight points on volume of over 92 million shares. Keep in mind that's one share per shot of Jessica Simpson's barely covered buttular area and you get a sense of where the movie's focus was.

Amongst actors, both Cate Blanchett and Jennifer Connelly (sigh) are up two points while Ben Stiller is up a point-and-a-half on moderate trading. I have to think Stiller is one of the safest bets for long-term investment. For every movie he's in that sucks (Meet the Fockers) he's in one that is pretty good (Dodgeball) or at least pops up in a memorable cameo (yelling "Policia!" in Anchorman may be a career highlight in my opinion). He's a solid, if unremarkable player that will probably be going strong for many years.

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