This morning's big mover and shaker seems to be Beowulf, the Sony-financed adaptation of the 10th century epic poem. Director Robert Zemeckis is helming this one using the same motion-capture technology he used previously on The Polar Express (which I didn't see, so can't comment on how well it worked or not). Shares in the movie, starring Anthony Hopkins, Crispin Glover and Alison Lohman are up six points on trading of about 1.4 million shares. This one's sure to at least draw interest from the English-major crowd and such but will probably be marketed as a straight fantasy/adventure flick.


p>Also moving up significantly today is Doom, the video game adaptation that, quite frankly, has a better possiblity to absolutely stink than any other video game movie to date since Super Mario Bros. For some reason shares in this one are up three and three-quarters points to $49.70 on heavy trading. Sorry, I'm still waiting for Q-Bert: The Movie.

Speculation must be running rampant that The Departed, the latest from Martin Scorsese, won't be that great since it's down five points on heavy trading. The movie, which will star Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio, looks like it's been trending up recently so maybe this is just a few individuals doing some profit taking. Still, eight million shares traded is an awful lot if this is a small group of traders. Damon's bond, by the way, is also down but just by a point.

I'm always slightly amazed when I see someone like Ian Holm on the leader board. He's not a flashy name but a consistently good character actor who I wouldn't expect a lot of movement out of (I may be getting close to dealing with Mr. Holm's personal habits here so I'll back off). Anway, his bond is up again to $106.14 on light volume.

Finally, today's IPO of the Day is for Pay the Girl, the biopic of Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss. No word on whether Tom Sizemore plays himself in this one.

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