Not only have the geeks invaded the earth, they're clearly having their way with the HSX this morning as what seems like a large percentage of stocks are sci-fi/fantasy related.

On the leader board the highest mover is When Worlds Collide, the sci-fi remake which hack director Stephen Sommers was going to helm but which now will reportedly be led by Steven Spielberg. It's obviously that news that has shares up five points to $36.25 on volume of over seven million shares. Amazing what the news of an Academy Award winning director whose films rarely loose money coming aboard will do to a share's price.

p>Just behind that is Serenity, which I just could not be looking forward to more (that's why I'm recapping the series episode by episode over at TVSquad). It's up just shy of five points on trading of just over 5 million shares. Checking around on the stocks and bonds connected to Serenity helmer-Joss Whedon it doesn't look like there's much movement on the actors involved or on Whedon's next project, the big screen adaptation of Wonder Woman. Most of the actors involved in Serenity are unchanged or up just a point. You can bet Wonder Woman shares will move based on how well the "Firefly" adaptation does, though.

Rounding out the geek theme is today's IPO of the Day: Voltron. That's right, the big screen version of the 80's cartoon (and does anyone else remember the sticker books you could buy at stores like 7-11 and White Hen?) debuts today and is already down a point and a half.

There's not much movement at all on the Star Bond charts. Morgan Freeman is up two points,  Virginia Madsen is down one, as is Vince Vaughn. Maybe Vaughn just needs new PR representation.

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