Telluride Film Festival doesn't invite press, and it doesn't announce its lineup until the day before it starts. So with the projectors ready to roll tomorrow, Variety finally has a look at the upcoming weekend's slate.

"We probably have more world premieres of American features that we've ever had," says festival co-director Tom Luddy. They'll include: the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line; Everything is IlluminatedLiev Schreiber's adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer's novel; and Ang Lee's gay cowboy epic Brokeback Mountain (which is also screening in Venice this week). Also on the slate are Michael Haneke's Cannes winner Cache, and tributes to Mickey Rooney, Laurie Anderson, and Merian C. Cooper (including a screening of his version of King Kong). I'm most upset to be missing "Sacred Monsters", a Peter Bogdanovich program to be presented by the filmmaker/Turner Classic Movies spokesman himself.
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