American Dreamz

If you ask me, there's no such thing as a new beginning. You'll notice that, whenever something bad happens to someone, you'll hear that sympathetic voice (usually a family member or co-worker who really has no idea what you're going through) cry out, "Don't worry, just start over. Think of it as a new beginning."No. It doesn't work that way. I had a beginning. We've all had a beginning. And once we're past the beginning, there's no starting over. There's crying and moving on and that time I slept with Awkward Girl from (insert random bar) because she reminded me of something I never had - but there certainly is or was no new beginning.Before I present you with this week's trailers, I want you to understand the words of wisdom spoken above. Because, once you decide to invest your time and money into one of these films, there's no way to go back. No way to start over. And whatever you do - don't blame me. Welcome to this week's Trailer Park...


  • American Dreamz - If you're not already sick of American Idol and the way FOX shoves it down our throats as if it's some sort of vaccine put in place to save our lives, then you may as well shell out 10 bucks and go see the movie about a fictional show based on the real show featuring actors portraying characters we've seen a hundred times. Mandy Moore plays a girl with a dream to start a new life for herself, and I play the guy who sits at home and quietly wishes she would just disappear off the face of the earth.
  • Bubble - People from a small town in Ohio will wish they could start things over again after a murder at a local toy factory throws everyone for a loop. With Bubble, writer/director/producer Steven Soderbergh will attempt to release it on DVD, on cable and in theaters on the same day. Based on the trailer, I'm guessing Soderbergh will make history by presenting us with a film that simultaneously bombs in all venues.
  • Catch and Release - Jennifer Garner stars alongside Kevin Smith in a film that might actually be pretty good considering the fact that Smith didn't write or direct it. Here, she'll play a woman who's trying to start anew after her husband dies. Soon, she'll uncover secrets about her past and somehow fall in love again with a womanizer who - let me guess - has learned to change his ways.
  • The Shaggy Dog - Have you ever wished that, somehow, what happens in a film could occur in real life? In The Shaggy Dog, Tim Allen does his best to get through each day while periodically transforming into a dog. Some call this a re-make, while others describe it as a sequel to the classic 1959 film of the same name. Regardless, I hope in his next film, Tim Allen transforms into a rocket and flies far far away.
  • Confetti - This film follows three couples who battle one another to try and land the title, "Most Original Wedding of the Year." Essentially a mockumentary, leave it to the Brits to sweep down and present us with some refreshing humor. If you're searching for a film come 2006 to help you forget the crapola fest that was 2005, this may be it.