With an absurd amount of "best of" lists floating around the internet this week, there haven't been many that focus solely on movie trailers. In fact, I searched around a bit and couldn't find one. It's somewhat sad because studios and filmmakers rely so heavily on trailers to convince people to see their movie that, when it comes time to honor the year that was, these poor suckers are kicked to the curb like an old toy or a half-eaten slice of pizza.

So, in an attempt to highlight some of what we here at Cinematical think were the best trailers of 2005, I've gone and put together a unique year-end top ten list. Keep in mind, this list has nothing to do with the way the actual movie turned out, good or bad. This "best of" list is all about the trailers. The visuals. The music. The action. The emotions. The giddy feeling of anticipation that one can only get after their first peek at a blockbuster release. From epic to indie. From funny to sad. From January to December. Folks, we're looking at the best of 2005 on this week's Trailer Park...



In no particular order...

  • 2046 - Beautiful, stunning and everything a trailer should be - enough said. While most trailers bore us with 2 minutes of spoiler-ish dialogue, Kar Wai Wong's trailer for 2046 was all visuals. Simple music intertwined amongstcolorful can't-look-away images, I wish all trailers looked and felt like this one.
  • The 40-Year-Old Virgin - Adding a comedy to this list was hard because, let's face it, there weren't many funny films this year, let alone trailers that had me laughing out loud. However, the Virgin trailer got me. Not that I can relate to the character (nope, not me) or anything, it's just Steve Carrell is freaking hysterical. There aren't many comedic actors out there that don't necessarily need to say a word in order for me to crack a smile. That list is short. Real short. With this trailer, Carrell snuck his way on.
  • Jarhead  - Music is so important for a trailer. It sets the mood for each film and often dictates whether or not you want to see it. Although I'm not a big Kanye West fan, I admit his song Jesus Walks truly kicked this trailer up a notch. With some beautiful andgripping visuals behind it, I found myself watching this trailer over and over again.
  • Star Wars Episode III: Return of the Sith - Say what you want about the new Star Wars films and feel free to rip George Lucas a new one, but this trailer was so anticipated, you could almost taste the excitement flowing through everyone's minds. Try and pretend, but I know, after seeing Darth Vader for the first time, that at least one part of your body felt a bit wet. Yikes, did I go too far with that one?
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - I know there are at least a gatrillion Potter fans that would agree with me here. Another highly anticipated film with a very satisfying trailer, Goblet of Fire went all "Holy crap, Harry is growing up!" on us. Towards the end, this one really explodes and effectively prepares us for a franchise slipping over to the dark side. It's only a matter of time people. If some wild and crazy monster doesn't kill Harry, I'm sure puberty will.
  • Sin City - I'll admit, this was one of my favorite films of the year. However, I never read the graphic novels and so I only went to see this based on its bad ass trailer. Should I even talk about the visuals? Black and white noir mixed with moments of color and intense music, the trailer for Sin City gave me a movie-gasm. Ya know, kind of like an orgasm, only without the messy clean up.
  • Marie Antoinette - Whatever, so the film isn't coming until next fall, but I simply loved what Sophia and company did with this teaser trailer. Like with Jarhead, the unique choice of music for this trailer really made it stand out. Alongside beautiful images (ahem, Kirsten Dunst in the nude), our first look at Marie Antoinette has thrown this onto my most anticipated films of 2006 list.
  • A Scanner Darkly - Despite Keanu Reeves sounding all Matrix-like, this trailer is still really neat to watch. If you've ever had the chance to watch Waking Life (don't bother) then you're somewhat familiar with the lookof A Scanner Darkly. This warped kind of human-like animation (only way I can describe it) freaks you out at first, but then sneaks up behind you and whispers, "I know you want to love me," while you slowly lose yourself inits world.
  • Match Point - I still can't believe this is a Woody Allen film. And after watching the trailer, I remain baffled. Okay, put the whole Woody thing aside, try and pay attention to how personal this one is. It somewhat reminds me of the last year's Closer, in that it explores the same themes: Love, lust and temptation. C'mon, tell me Scarlett Johanson doesn't just draw you in with those lips...and eyes.
  • Hustle and Flow - Man, it's hard out here for a pimp. Hot, stylish and sexy, this trailer flowed from beat to beat with the kind of flavor that truly inspired this white kid to head out to the theater and buy a ticket. Maybe it's not the most P.C. thing for me to say, but I'm usually not that interested in hip hop tales about young men from the inner city struggling to succeed in the ruthless world of rap music. However, one can immediately tell from the mood of this trailer that Hustle and Flow would be different. And it was. To me, at least.

Okay, so feel free to add your favorites to this list...