We had Charlotte's Web on tonight (one of my fave childhood movies - although I must admit that Wilbur's whining does grate on my nerves after the third viewing or so in a 24-hour period) - and I got to wondering what's up with the remake of the film. I went to IMDB to check it out and, sure enough, a veritable bevy of hot stars are in the film: Julia Roberts as Charlotte, Dakota Fanning (shocking casting call there, I know) as Fern, Steve Buscemi as Templeton the Rat (okay, I can buy that), Oprah as Gussy the Goose, and John Cleese, Robert Redford, Jennifer Garner Kathy Bates, Thomas Haden Church, Reba McEntire, Andre 3000 from Outkast (!?!) and Cedric the Entertainer (playing Golly, the henpecked gander bossed around by Oprah's Gussy) -- holy arachnophobia, is there anyone who isn't in this film?

And then I noticed something odd. No Wilbur. Huh?!?

p>How could they be in post-production for Charlotte's Web and not have an actor listed for Wilbur? I know they used live animals for this version, ala Babe (good call, I think), and I guess theoretically they could be in post and still be voice recording, but still. Speculation runs rampant in the IMDB comments, with people suggesting everyone for the part of Wilbur from Rodney Dangerfield and John Candy (uh, they're dead, guys) to Michael J. Fox to Jack Black. Other folks speculated that maybe Wilbur wasn't going to talk at all (but wouldn't that be weird?) Then someone else pops in, claiming to be "in the know", who says the part HAS been cast, by an under-18, up-and-coming actor, and for whatever reason the producers aren't releasing who it is yet. Why? To build mystery, I guess, but it doesn't seem like the brightest move to me.

So, who do you think they likely have playing Wilbur? And who do you think would be positively perfect for the part?

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