Typically I don't bother writing about the endless parade of merchandise cranked out in an effort to take money away from the ever eager fanboys and girls wanting to saturate their bedroom/dorm/house with geek pariphinalia*- if I did that, I'd be writing several posts a day on action figures alone. However, every now and then items come along which are just too interesting/appealing to ignore. Now, I'm not saying that I'd purchase them (or advise others to do so), as the price tags for merch like this tend to be astromical; I'm just saying that it's neat stuff.

  • DC Direct has announced they will be releasing a limited edition, hand-painted cold-cast porcelain replica mask based on the mask used in V for Vendetta. The replica will run at an extremely limited 500 item release, and will go on sale February 22 with a pricetag of 200 dollars.
  • Code 3 Collectibles is producing a fancy looking replica of Darth Vader's TIE Fighter in its Signature Series. It'll be "an authentic reproduction of the TIE Advanced X1 Starfighter to date; complete with battle damage. Every detail of the original starship has been meticulously captured." It weighs in at a hefty 450 dollars.
  • Finally, Sideshow Collectibles announces their Lurtz Premium Format LotR figure, rendered at 1/4 scale. The figure is a blend of polystone and leatherwork and was sculpted by Steve West. Shipping in third quarter 2006, you can buy a Lurtz of your very own for around 350 dollars.

For full details and images of these shiney toys and others, head on over to Cinescape's toy section.

*I'm not making fun of you, eager fanboys and girls. Okay, well, I am...but only tongue in cheek. After all, I've got a Mega Man action figure on my computer tower at work.

[via Cinescape]


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