• The picture isn't even done yet, but FX has reportedly snatched broadcast rights to Superman Returns. For 12% of the film's theatrical gross (to be capped at about $25 million), the Fox ancillary will have first rights to air the superflick, starting in 2009.
  • A month after Brad Grey brought the contracts over the Steven Spielberg's Malibu home, the Paramount-Dreamworks deal is far from closed. Right now, the two companies are working on employee integration, and to that end, department heads at both studios have been asked to present lists of their employees, which are now being compared side-by-side to determine whether the current Paramount employee, or the current Dreamworks staffer is more deserving of the final position. Though the trade claims "there is no mandate to cut a certain number of staffers" ... come on, right?
  • Meanwhile, deposed Disney CEO Michael Eisner has hopped over to sometime Dreamworks suitor NBC/Universal. No, he's not running the show – he's just running a talk show. CNBC will air a bimonthly interview set to be called ... wait for it ... Conversations With Michael Eisner. If one was to assume this was Eisner's way of making sure his rolodex stays up to date, one wouldn't necessarily be wrong. As he tells Variety: "It will keep me on top of my game in the areas outside the show, because I will be talking to people in industries I am interested in." Bets on how long this venture will last before Eisner talks his way into a new exec role can be sent to karina@cinematical.com.
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