Why is it so hard for us to confront our problems? Are we lazy? Do we not have the time? Is it easier to run away from a situation and create larger problems, then it is to face the music? And what's so bad about music? When I was younger, in times of moronic behavior, my parents would always tell me to just "face the music." Instead of agreeing with them, I'd stand there with a puss on my face, expecting Mom to shovel out a boom-box and blast German techno music into my ears until, eventually, I caved.

Nothing against German techno, but that was my idea of bad music. So, in order for my problems to drift away, I figured I'd have to face this music until something clicked...or hurt - like my ears. And then it hit me: As hard as it was to listen to obnoxiously loud German techno music, it was much easier to get it out of the way fast (like ripping off a band-aid) then it was to avoid. Why let this uncomfortable anger towards German techno music ruin my entire day? They have a right to express themselves. And so do I.

While the above probably makes no sense whatsoever, so does avoiding your problems. So, while I call up the Lifetime Channel and pitch them "How I Learned to be a Better Person by Listening to German Techno Music," why don't you check out the following films. Put the suicide note down, we're running from our problems on this week's Trailer Park...


  • Written by and starring Sam Shepard, Don't Come Knockin'  tells of a fading Western movie star who ditches the set of his latest film upon finding out he may have fathered a child somewhere along the line. Based on its trailer, this seems like it may be Broken Flowers with more of a plot and a lesser known actor. While his problems appear to be running after him, will this cowboy hang around long enough to find what he's looking for? Or will Hollywood snatch him up and down the poor guy like a fresh bottle of whiskey?
  • Bring It On meets gymnastics in this comedy about a rebellious teen who, while running from her problems, ends up coerced into joining a gymnastics team full of trash-talking gymnasts in tight body suits. If you're the kind of guy who hides a copy of that cheerleader flick in some "secret drawer," then you may be interested in this film written by the same woman, Jessica Bendinger. Ya know, Stick It  where no one else can blame you for being awkward. I would imagine girls who are into gymnastics would like this too. Eh, wild guess. 
  • Boy, it sure is hard to find a good film about pedophilia when and if the mood should strike. In Hard Candy, a 32-year-old man lures a 14-year-old girl over to his apartment after chatting online. However, while both are looking for some sick and twisted escape, their meeting will spawn problems no one (not even you) will expect.
  • Look, it's another bad ass wrestler attempting to leap into our movie theaters. In See No Evil, Kane ( I don't watch wrestling, so I imagine that name is exciting to some) terrorizes a group of delinquents who are sent to clean one of them ultra scary hotels as part of their community service. However, instead of running the laundry, they wind up running for their lives because there's a psychotic maniac on the loose. They're right, I don't see evil - I see a horrible review.
  • Just My Luck, another Lindsey Lohan movie. When an extremely lucky stuck up city girl (Lohan) plants a kiss on a guy who wouldn't know luck if it bit him in the ass, the two freakishly swap, um, luck. While she tries her hardest to flee one bad scenario after another, he's having the time of his life. Will they figure it all out and wind up together in the end? Or will Lindsey end up blowing lines off her cell-mate's...let's just stop there.