We had the chance to get together and shoot another roundtable featuring our own Jason Calacanis, Karina Longworth, and James Rocchi.

Check after the jump to see the timeline... Rundown:
01:00—Karina's first Sundance
02:00—Not really a film festival until you see something you hate.
02:45—Number of films; the 3 film a day rule.
04:08—Flannel Pajamas and SherryBaby
06:30—Thank You For Smoking
09:10—Karina loves Ghostbusters
09:31—Missing Katie Holmes sex scene
11:14—Awesome! I Fucking Shot That!
13:54—Beastie Boys party
15:30—Festival business; films for sale
16:45—How do you do Open Water 2?
17:30—Saw as the Max Fischer Players' version of Seven
17:55—The Descent
19:11—Rumored buys and Wordplay
23:58—Roger Ebert's vest
24:43—Redford at Sundance party
26:38—Brave New World: Entertainment and Social Change panel
28:00—This Film Is Not Yet Rated
30:00—Closing thoughts and Geoff Gilmore
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