Right now, I know you want to read this but for some reason you cannot take your eyes off the ones staring back at you from above. They're intense, and kind of freak you out, but it's okay - I'm there for you. Now, I'm giving you one more chance here, so pay attention. Are you reading now? Good.

I've always felt like crap after someone has offered me a second chance to get it done. Sure, it seems great to be able to try it again or do the whole thing over, but doesn't that just mean you failed the first time around? Then again, upon succeeding with your second chance, you're hit with this amazing feeling of accomplishment. Failure did not conquer. You did it. You're a star!

All of the following films feature people searching for their own personal second chance. Whether it be external, internal, dramatic or comedic - it's really about proving life is full of those "try again later" moments. Perhaps you may want to ponder your own second chances after reading this week's Trailer Park...

  • Imagine waking up one day, having no idea who you are, where you are, why you're there or what American Idol is. Unknown White Maleis a startling documentary that follows a guy named Doug Bruce, and tells the very real story about what it's like to lose yourself, literally. While those around him attempt to figure out how or why this happened, Bruce does his best to fit back into society and come to terms with this second chance at a whole new life.
  • It was a nice, quiet, carefree morning, until one studio exec woke up with an amazing idea: Let's do the whole Splash thing again, but this time with teenagers! While most of the kids checking out Aquamarine have probably never even watched Splash or realize that Daryl Hannah used to be the hottest thing, like, ever, I'm glad those sexy mermaids aren't being ignored. As far as the plot goes, a couple of kids find a mermaid in a pool after a storm, then try to help her meet a cute boy. Here's your chance mermaid girl - leave that bastard turtle and get with the dude that knows how to move.
  • What would a post titled Second Chances be without a film, well, called The Second Chance? Two pastors from different sides of the track team up to help give a struggling church a second chance in this "Why can't they team up to fight aliens or something" feel-good flick. While its sure to send a bit of a Christian vibe, those of you on the bagel and lox side of things can still dig its uplifting message.
  • I find it funny that, while a film called Fat Girls would be somewhat wrong, the title Phat Girlz is catchy, cool and very acceptable. Am I the only one who thinks of stuff like this? Pic tells of two plus-sized models who search for acceptance and love in a world full of thin, hot babes. Upon meeting the men of their dreams, the girlz will have a second chance to prove to the world that fat equals phat.
  • Those damn Wilson boys - they're everywhere! And now we have The Wendell Baker Story, in which not one, not two, but three members of the Wilson family are a part of. Written by Luke Wilson, directed by Luke and Andrew Wilson and starring Luke and Owen Wilson (still with me?), story surrounds an ex-con (Luke Wilson) who lands a second chance with a job at a retirement hotel. There, he will attempt to become re-acquainted with a lost love, all while helping to battle hotel corruption. Personally, I can't get enough of them Wilson boys and so I welcome Wendell Baker into my life with open arms.