• Over at The House Next Door, Matt Zoller Seitz invites everyone to participate in a Robert Altman blog-a-thon on March 3 in anticipation of the director's honorary Oscar.
  • Speaking of Oscars, Anne Thompson at Risky Biz Blog (aka the Hollywood Reporter blog) shares belated but fun details about the Oscar nominees' lunch she attended recently.
  • Also on Seitz's site, guest blogger Jeremiah Kipp interviews film critic Charles Taylor about his experiences at Salon and why Taylor thinks he was fired from that publication. I was less interested in the firing story and more intrigued by Taylor's opinions about the purposes of film criticism.
  • Cinema Strikes Back now has its own forum, The Movie Lounge, where film geeks are discussing The Hills Have Eyes, Shaw Brothers movies on DVD, and the ever-popular Daniel Craig.
  • Susie Bright doesn't write often about mainstream film; her blog focuses on sexual issues. However, she found video on the Web of the lesbian sex scenes in Bound, on which she worked as technical advisor, and dishes about her involvement with the Wachowski brothers' film. (Susie's site is NSFW, by the way.)
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