It could mean a number of things, right? Perhaps you're stuck in the middle of the woods and people around you are disappearing, while horrifying visions follow your every move. Congrats, you've just lost your sh*t. Oh, or maybe you were accidentally flushed down the toilet and wound up trying to survive in a sewer system. Okay, maybe in that situation, your sh*t would follow you down. But upon arrival, I'm sure you would lose it.

While the term may mean different things to different people, the character's in the following films, at one point or another, probably felt as if they had lost their sh*t. Personally, when I see someone separate a curse word with a *, it often causes me to lose my own sh*t. So, in theory, I've just pissed myself off while writing this post. Hmm, maybe I'll simply blame the FCC.  Welcome to this week's Trailer Park....

  • Apparently, The Woods is stuck in some sort of studio hell at the moment and so the release of this film has been delayed. However, judging from the trailer, no one can understand why. Set in 1965, a troubled girl is dropped off at an all girls private school where naked slumber parties are the farthest thing from one's mind. When girls start disappearing, someone calls M. Night Shyamalan and tells him that this is what a real thriller is supposed to look like.
  • Here in the States, we aren't as familiar with the comedy team Ant and Dec. All we know is they are a big hit in Britain, helped to host Pop Idol and now have a film called Alien Autopsy coming out. This comedy will be about a couple of guys who get their hands on, what appears to be, actual footage of an alien autopsy. From there it's not that clear - hopefully Simon Cowell doesn't make an appearance. Oh, and if he does, maybe someone will kill him.
  • At the beginning of the month we told you about Flushed Away, which, like Wallace and Gromit, is another Dreamworks-Aardman collaboration. However, Flushed goes the CGI route and stays away from all that clay. Pic tells the story of a high society rat (if such a thing can exist) who accidentally gets flushed down the toilet and must survive in a world very beneath him, literally.
  • Though Martha pimped Perfume earlier in the week, I figured I'd throw it up here one more time for those who missed it. Starring Dustin Hoffman and Alan Rickman, story revolves around an 18th century perfume artist who, with an extraordinary sense of smell, becomes obsessed with capturing the scent of a young virgin. Why does this sound like every guy's fantasy?
  • In Illusion, Kirk Douglas plays a man looking to re-connect with the son he's never known. Upon visiting a mystic, he's given the chance to watch how his son's life unfolded through some sort of magical movie screen. Now he must figure out whether or not this is for real or, well, if he's just losing his shit.