For those of you lucky enough to experience four complete seasons (and I'm not talking a 10 or 15 degree difference) throughout the year, I'm sure you're foaming at the mouth in anticipation of Spring. One of the most joyous of all seasons, if nothing else, Spring means no more Winter. No more snow. No more warming up the car for two hours. No more heavy jackets and, definitely, no more thermal underwear.

Although Spring is wonderful and all, it does have its bad aspects. First off, it rains a lot. And if you're one of those people with allergies, then Spring means you're carrying around tissues as if they're keeping you alive. If you hate flowers, cleaning and/or light, breezy dresses, then Spring is just another enemy on the battlefield of life.

Spring. It's good, it's bad, it's Pixar. Wait, did he just say Pixar? Oh, I sure did. While Pixar is a company that creates animated films, the name also represents a new beginning. Not only did Pixar introduce us to a whole new form of technology, but it also found a way to entertain people of all the same time. I've chosen the following films because they all describe the many different emotions I go through as the season's change. From the good to the bad to the Pixar - we're defrosting and loving it on this week's Trailer Park...

  • After its release was delayed and we were provided with an assortment of teasers, all of which appeared to go in different directions, folks were afraid Carswould turn out to be Pixar's first bomb. Now that the film is ready to go wide on June 7th, the first extended "so, that's what it's about" trailer has hit the streets. After watching it, I'm still not sure which way it will go. However, it's Pixar, so I'm sure I'll enjoy the ride.
  • After suffering through what felt lik, a billion years of Ray Romano and everyone who loved him, the disappearing comedian takes another trip to the big screen with one of those "follow the funny guy while he tours and see how amusing he can be" films, 95 Miles to GoIf you're a gigantic Ray Romano fan (personally, my favorite stuff of his goes back to Dr. Katz) then I'm sure you'll dig the excursion. 
  • Gee, don't you just love a good movie about owls? Heck, I know I can't answer that question without being extremely let's just say, sure! Hoottells of a shy boy from Montana who moves to Florida. Upon arrival, he immediately becomes an outcast when everyone around him realizes that only aliens and really nice picturesque calendars come from Montana. That is until he makes two friends, and together the three set out to save a group of owls from evil construction workers. Damn, I can't wait to see how this one ends.
  • Say hello to the new Ernest. As one of the members of the Blue Collar Comedy group, Larry the redneck cable guy feels his trailer park shtick will translate to box office gold. In Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector, Larry plays a white trash-type health inspector who doesn't exactly "Git R Done" when it comes to inspecting fancy establishments. I'm insanely allergic to these types of films, so if there's someone out there looking forward to Larry, please chime in and tell us why.
  • Whatever you do, do not confuse The Zodiac with the David Fincher directed flick, Zodiac. Alas, the latter does not have a trailer yet, but the former does. For those unaware, both pics center around a series of random killings in San Francisco throughout the 60's and 70's at the hands of a man who called himself the Zodiac killer. At a certain point, the killings just stopped and, to this day, the perp has never been caught. While Fincher's film seems to focus more on the detectives trying to solve the case, The Zodiac tells of two brothers who become obsessed with the notorious murders and, in the process, endanger their family. Since I absolutely fear cleaning, this film represents everything that scares me about Spring.