V for Vendetta roared to the top of the box office this weekend, its take of about $26 million out-earning the nearest competition by more than $10 million. While that total - on just under 3400 screens - sounds pretty impressive, it's believed to be below the studio's opening weekend hopes. Meanwhile She's the Man, the week's other debut, met estimates with $11 million, which was enough to make it the fourth-highest earner of the weekend. Finishing second was Failure to Launch which, with a take of $15.8 million, fell 35% from last week's chart-leading totals. In third was The Shaggy Dog with $13.6 million, the audience for which fell only slightly after last week's open - thanks to families with small kids, this one might have some staying power. Wrapping up the top five was The Hills Have Eyes, which took in $8.1 million; the film's $28.8 million total after just two weeks in release is nearly twice its budget.

Full numbers are after the jump. 1.     V for Vendetta $26.1 million
2.     Failure to Launch $15.8 million
3.     The Shaggy Dog $13.6 million
4.     She's the Man $11 million
5.     The Hills Have Eyes $8.1 million
6.     16 Blocks $4.7 million
7.     Eight Below $4.2 million
8.     Madea's Family Reunion $3 million
9.     The Pink Panther $2.5 million
10.     Aquamarine $2 million