Seeing as Cinematical celebrated its very first birthday recently, I couldn't help but jump at the chance to incorporate the whole what-to-do into this week's Trailer Park. Normally, birthdays are a time for celebration. In Cinematical's case, we're celebrating the fact that, not only have we survived one whole year on the internet, but we've also managed to become the best source of movie anything one can find for, um, free. And I'm not just saying that because I write for them. Seriously, I'm not. What are you staring at? Don't you believe me?

However, birthdays also mean we're getting older. And getting older means we're that much closer to throwing in the towel. So, in order to hide the fact that we're so afraid of the future, we throw parties, sing songs, buy cards, bake cakes, light candles and make wishes. We create rules: In order for your birthday wish to come true, you must blow out all of the candles in one breath and not tell anyone else what you wished for. We want to feel like, no matter how old we are, we're still very capable of following our dreams. And that's a good thing.

In some way, shape or form, the following movies all have to do with birthdays. Whether we're on a quest for love, a journey to find ourselves or a mission to help someone else, these films proved life is about experience and not some crummy Hallmark card. Oh joy, Cinematical is getting older on this week's Trailer Park...

  • While a 16th birthday is probably the first major milestone for a woman, it doesn't feel that way for Molly Ringwald after no one around her even remembers the special day. Her family is a mess, the guy she's in love with barely knows she exists and the only one who pays her any attention is an extremely dorky Anthony Michael Hall. One of the more classic of all 80's films,  Sixteen Candles is the quintessential birthday flick.
  • Definitely one of the best comedies in the past ten years, Liar Liar shows Jim Carrey at his best. Just as he's about to turn five, Max blows out his birthday cake candles and wishes for his lawyer Dad not to be able to lie for 24 hours. Seeing as Dad's whole world revolves around faking the truth, worlds are turned upside down and hilarity paves the way for a real heartwarming tale.
  • With his 21st birthday approaching, Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) is to marry the bride that his family has chosen for him. However, the Prince does not like this one bit and decides to head off to Queens, NY to find his, well, Queen. Possibly my favorite of all Murphy movies, Coming to America was an instant classic that reminded us to chase after what we want and not wait around for it come to us.
  • When Billy Crystal realizes that all he really does in life is sell air, it's just the beginning of what eventually amounts to a mid-life crisis. In order to help their friend escape from the funk he's in, Daniel Stern and Bruno Kirby decide to take him on a cattle driving vacation for his birthday. Through this comedic journey, these City Slickers finally realize the meaning of life...and that a cow makes a good pet too. 
  • Imagine living your entire life one way and then learning on your 11th birthday that you're destined for so much more. The first of J.K. Rowling's popular Potter books to be adapted to the screen, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone tells of a seemingly ordinary boy who receives the birthday present of a lifetime: Seven years of schooling at the prestigious Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Realizing that he's a lot more important than he thought he was, Harry must now utilize his schooling to help save his loved ones and protect them from evil.