Spike Lee's new heist flick Inside Man completely demolished the competition on this, its opening weekend, topping the box office with an unexpectedly strong $30 million on 2818 screens. I mention the number of screens only so that you can fully understand the scope of the whupping that took place: V for Vendetta, which was shown in 500 more theaters than Lee's film, finished a distant second with just $12.3 million. Impressive, huh? And it's so nice to have the top-earning film be one that is generally thought to be good - rather than, say, The Pink Panther, or something.

Another of the week's other debuts, Stay Alive, also had a solid open, bringing in $11.2 million and just out-earning the fourth place film, Failure to Launch. But, with its total of nearly $64 million over three weeks, the $50 million Failure to Launch is now into profit territory. ("Woo hoo!", says Terry Bradshaw's naked ass.) Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector, meanwhile, the week's final new entry, finished a distant seventh with an unimpressive $7 million on 1700 screens. Thank you, America, for not putting it in the top five. Hooray for (a degree of) taste!

The full numbers are after the jump. 1. Inside Man $28,969,000
2. V for Vendetta $12,326,000
3. Stay Alive $11,208,000
4. Failure to Launch $10,800,000
5. The Shaggy Dog $9,137,000
6. She's the Man $7,429,000
7. Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector $7,050,000
8. The Hills Have Eyes $4,250,000
9. Eight Below $2,737,000
10. 16 Blocks $2,215,000