When I was in high school, there was this kid named Frank that everyone thought looked exactly like me. Or maybe they thought I looked like him. Regardless, on a daily basis, I would pass people in the hall who would say, "Hey Frank!" or "You coming out tonight Frank?" See, he was much cooler than I was and so, for the brief moments where I was him, I felt as if I had this completely different life. A life that gave me a beautiful girlfriend and a ton of friends. A life that was the exact opposite of mine. Thanks to Frank, I actually had a life.

Whether we want to or not, there comes a time when we all question our own identities. In my case, after being recognized as someone else and enjoying it, I wondered if there was more to life than hiding in the corner of math class and day-dreaming. Sometimes identity will come into question when faced with a life-altering decision. Or, perhaps, when you're placed into a very unfamiliar situation.

By now, you've probably guessed that the following films all share an underlying theme of identity.  Who are we? Why are we here? What is it were supposed to do? Should we choose destiny or does destiny choose us? I guess, sometimes, it's best that we try and become someone else, if only to figure out who we really are. Welcome to this week's Trailer Park...

  • The way I see it, the only good thing to come out of these Garfield flicks is that one of my favorite actors, Bill Murray, voices the darn cat. Then again, maybe that's a bad thing. In Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties, everyone's favorite lazy cat is back and, this time, traveling to the UK. However, while there, Garfield gets mistaken for another cat that's inherited a castle. Sounds sweet, although the evil Lord Dargis wants to rid himself of Garfield so that he can turn the castle into a resort. Well, at least it's better than a parking lot.
  • Based on true events validated by the State of Tennessee, An American Hauntingtells of the only case in US history where a ghost or spirit or entity or bad Chinese food actually caused the death of a human being. Set back in the year 1818, the story tells of one family's struggle to rid their home of a nasty presence. In turn, they begin to question what it is, why it's after them and what they did, if anything, to deserve it. Honestly, I think it's all a ploy to boost tourism in Tennessee. You know, they can be known as the State that never told a lie...and has ghosts that kill people. Wicked!
  • Although it's still early in the year, I'm going to go ahead and make Guys and Balls the definite front-runner for movie title of the year. A German film, Balls tells the story of Ecki, a small town boy with a passion for football (or soccer). However, upon finding out that he's gay, Ecki's teammates throw him off the team. So, instead of taking them to court and staging a protest, Ecki, with help from his sister, decides to assemble an all gay football team to take on the group of homophobes. Can this small town boy overcome the gigantic label everyone has slapped on his back? Heck, I don't know - go see it!
  • Talk about the worst decision a man can make, The Propositionis a story about a guy who, after being charged with raping a family along with his brothers, is presented with, well, a proposition from the police: Either hunt down and kill the one brother who is still at large and gain freedom or watch his other brother hang for the crime. This is a time when you have to look deep down inside yourself and ask: "Okay, which one of these two beat me up the most when we were kids?"
  • Hailed as the most expensive film in Chinese history, The Promise (or Wu ji) tells of an orphaned girl who makes a deal with an enchantress: In exchange for life-long beauty and the admiration of every man, she will have to give up finding true love. So, you can certainly bag that really hot guy, but you better not like anything about him...or else. Eventually, she does regret it and, along with the slave of a general and the general himself, is pulled into a web of fate where all three of them will all have to explore identity and destiny.