New Line has something pretty darn fancy in store for Final Destination 3 fans (I'll refrain from my customary snide remark about just how many of those people there are, because the movie was surprisingly well-reviewed, and people actually went to see it) when the DVD comes out this summer. Not content to just offer commentary and a making-of documentary (both which will be part of the two disc package), New Line has created a choose-you-own-adventure-style version of of the film, offering choices that extend well beyond picking one of two different endings. According to Variety, additional scenes were written and shot -- to the tune of around $1 million in additional cost -- and viewers will have "seven choices at 10-minute intervals," each of which consists of two options. (Not to worry, purists: you can still watch the movie in its theatrical form, if you prefer.)

New Line is really raising the Special Edition bar with this (costly, attention-grabbing) gimmick -- I bet a lot of studio heads are hoping that the disc fails to sell, just to save themselves the headache of trying to put together similarly slick features for their own releases.
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