I believe the title of this entry tells you everything you need to know about the variety of films screening in Austin this week. In addition, there seem to be more free-admission films than usual this week, so if you're worried about scraping up money for your taxes, you can still see some good movies around town.
  • Austin filmmaker Kyle Henry's film Room, which screened at Sundance and Cannes last year, will be playing all week long at Alamo on South Lamar. This week's Austin Chronicle includes an interview with Henry and actress Cyndi Williams.
  • That quirky documentary about Texas sex-toy laws, Dildo Diaries, is getting a short run at Alamo Village, from Friday-Sunday 4/7-9. It's not only a fun movie, it's a good reminder of how insane the Texas Lege can be.
  • All I know about Breakin' and Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo is that the sequel title has spawned more silly parody titles than any other film I can think of, including Highlander 2: The Quickening. If you're a fan of these movies, Alamo Downtown is showing them on Saturday 4/8 with actor Michael "Shrimp" Chambers and producer David Zito both making appearances.
  • The Jumpcut Film Festival will present its annual selection of short films by Austin student filmmakers on Saturday 4/8 at Alamo Downtown.
  • Letters from the Other Side, which premiered in Austin last month at SXSW, is getting another local screening on Monday 4/10 at 7 pm, at Big Red Sun (1102 E. Cesar Chavez). Admission is free. The event is sponsored by the Mayor's Book Club as part of a month-long series of events focusing on U.S. immigration policy. Director Heather Courtney will be at the screening of her documentary, which is about women who remain in Mexico when their husbands and sons leave for the U.S. to find work.
  • Most of us didn't get the opportunity to see the Oscar-nominated documentary shorts this year (or any year, really). Fortunately, Alamo Downtown is showing them all in one screening, on Monday 4/10, as well as Saturday through Monday, 4/15-17.
  • The Austin Film Society series 3 Actresses Abroad, featuring Anna May Wong, Josephine Baker, and Louise Brooks, continues on Tuesday 4/11 at Alamo Downtown with the film Shanghai Express. I knew the film starred Marlene Dietrich, but didn't realize it also starred Anna May Wong (as shown in the photo above).
  • The Bridge on the River Kwai is this week's offering in the Alamo on South Lamar series "Widescreen Classics." You can catch the 1957 David Lean picture on Tuesday and Wednesday 4/11 and 4/12.
  • As part of the Texas Documentary Tour, the 1994 film Hoop Dreams will screen at Alamo Downtown on Wednesday 4/12, with director Steve James in person for a Q&A afterwards.
  • The Austin Film Society/Alamo Downtown series "Heroic Grace 2: The Martial Arts Classics of the Shaw Brothers" will feature the 1972 film Five Fingers of Death (aka King Boxer) on Thursday 4/13.
  • Movies in the Park offers a sports classic this week: Dodgeball, screening on Thursday 4/13 at 8 pm at Republic Square Park. Admission is free. The evening also includes a pre-show dodgeball game.
  • Union Cinematique's free monthly film screenings continue on Friday 4/14 with Roman Polanski's 1962 Polish film Knife in the Water. A new 35mm print will be screened at 7:30 pm at the Texas Union Theatre.
  • Free preview screenings: The Austin Chronicle is giving away tickets to upcoming previews of The Sentinel, Silent Hill, and American Dreamz.
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