Whether they are accidental, intentional or inevitable, we, as a human race, have tons and tons of issues. Often, it's those people who think they have nothing wrong with them that have the most issues. In fact, in order to mask the unhappiness they have with themselves, they will purposely seek out and try to define the issues of those that surround them.

Why? Because if they save/fix/correct/stabilize their loved one, then, in turn, they will find happiness within their soul... or something like that. In recent years, we've tried to solve our issues with drugs, therapy and, more often than not, a mix of the two. Does it help? Or does it just create more issues to deal with? While you ponder those thought-provoking questions, why not check out the following trailers -- all of which feature characters suffering through their own issues. Yay! Someone get my therapist on the phone, it's time for this week's Trailer Park...


  • The third installment in Chan-wook Park's revenge trilogy, Lady Vengeance (previously titled Sympathy for Lady Vengeance) tells of a woman who goes to prison because of a crime someone else committed. While there, she befriends her fellow inmates with kindness and slowly plots out her revenge. Upon her release, with help from her new friends, she sets out for some kick-ass payback.
  • Based on the oh-so-familiar book, Charlotte's Webreturns to the big screen with an all-star cast that includes the still innocent Dakota Fanning, Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Buscemi, Kathy Bates, Jennifer Garner and John Cleese. Yeah, there's many more stars to list, but you can go look them up yourself. If you don't know the story behind Charlotte's Web by now, then you should feel ashamed and embarrassed and need to run to your local book store to pick up a copy. Long story short: There's a pig who's head is on the chopping block ... literally. If he wants to survive the inevitable, he will have to team up with a spider and figure out a way to survive. Fun stuff!
  • Imagine you're a star athlete, everyone loves you and awards pile up faster than women's phone numbers. Suddenly, a freak accident lands you in the hospital and everything you've worked so hard for is now a distant memory. Peaceful Warrior tells the story of one such athlete who, after being told he'll never compete again, befriends an interesting and peculiar Nick Nolte who will try and convince the boy that it's not the outside that needs work, but the inside. 
  • After she accidentally hooks up with her mother's boyfriend, 16-year-old Heidi leaves her home and lands in a small Australian ski town. While trying to piece her issues together, she meets a wealthy boy and does what she can to not let the mistakes of her past affect her present to a point where her entire life becomes one long Somersault.
  • I Am A Sex Addict. Well, okay, I'm not actually a sex addict, that's just the name of the film. Part autobiographical and part romantic comedy, writer/director Caveh Zahedi, through narration and the re-telling of stories from his past, shows us what life as a sex addict has done to him. Cinematical's own James Rocchi felt Sex Addict was "the most moving, insightful and funny confessional personal journey the movies have given us in a long, long time." Something tells me James might be working through some of his own issues, but we'll leave that alone for now. Why don't you go check out his review instead?