Are you having a bad day? Does it feel like, no matter what you say or do, nothing will change the fact that today just sucks? Or maybe that was yesterday. Come to think of it, maybe your bad day won't happen until next week or next year. But it's coming. I guarantee it.

So, what's the problem? Addicted to drugs? Are you questioning whether or not your child is the devil? Did someone put you in charge of defusing a neutron bomb that's in the hands of a bad-ass gang? Woman problems? Are your three ex-girlfriends currently plotting your death? Okay, maybe you're just depressed that, because of global warming, the world may be coming to an end shortly. Look at the bright side, at least there won't be any more bad days.

Well, if the day is not going so good and you're desperately looking for some sort of escape, check out the following trailers. Perhaps you can find a way to relate to these characters since, well, they're not having the best days, either. But who is? Welcome to this week's Trailer Park...

  • Look here: The Omen 666 has finally moved away from teaser to bring us a full-length trailer. Hurray! Liev Shreiber and Julia Stiles star in this remake of the popular horror film from 1976, in which a couple come to realize that their little boy is not like all the other little boys on the block. Talk about a bad day, imagine coming to the realization that the reason why your son is so bad is because he may, in fact, be the devil. There's not enough aspirin in the world to cure that headache.
  • There's no question about it: Al Gore has had his fair share of bad days. Now, this one-time presidential candidate is replacing his suit with a superhero cape in an attempt to save the world from global warming. An Inconvenient Truth could be described as just another boring Al Gore lecture, only this one will be playing in theaters alongside X-Men 3. However, as our own review of the film indicates, this explosive documentary proves to be so much more.
  • In CleanMaggie Cheung plays a woman who has had an entire life full of bad days. After drug abuse killed her boyfriend, landed her with a 6-month jail sentence and forced custody of her son to be handed over to her partner's parents, she must find a way to rebuild her life and, most importantly, the relationship with her child. The film has been delayed for almost two years, but finally gets released on April 28.
  • Hailing from France, District B13 (or Banlieue 13) is being described as one of them balls-to-the-wall action films that sacrifices story for one helluva ride. Pic takes place in Paris in the year 2010 as an undercover cop and an ex-criminal attempt to infiltrate a nasty gang in order to defuse a neutron bomb. From the looks of intense trailer, it seems we need more of this types of film here in the States.
  • All I should have to say to you about John Tucker ( Jesse Metcalfe) is that the guy lost his virginity to the French teacher and English teacher ... at the same time. When this high school star athlete gets caught dating three different girls, all of them team up seeking revenge. To do so, they bring in a fourth girl for John to fall in love with, however this time they're controlling the outcome. As they see it, when this whole thing comes to an end, John Tucker Must Die. Oh yeah, this guy is about to have one sick and twisted bad day.