Comedy Central has done some serious wooing (is wooing an actual word?) of the Weinstein Brothers, scoring the broadcast cable rights to half a dozen of Weinstein Co.'s newest flicks. Despite the fact that actual work has yet to begin on the film, Sin City 2 is among those properties. I hear you saying "Wait a minute, I don't really think there's a lot of comedy in Sin City." And you are right, for the most part. So instead of Comedy Central, the film will debut on the channel's "sibling" Spike TV -- a much better fit.  In the deal, Comedy Central will also pick up rights to new flick Scary Movie 4 and upcoming Kevin Smith film Clerks 2. This deal should be noted because it may mark the first good programming to air on Spike TV.

Am I excited for Sin City 2. You bet I am. Am I excited for it to be on network television? No ... not really. I don't actually tend to watch much television to begin with, and I can't imagine how heavily butchered this sucker is going to have to be before they'll allow it on cable. Besides, by the time it makes it onto television, I plan on owning the fancy special edition DVD which will no doubt exist.
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