Ah, Mother's Day. The one day a year when Mom gets to chill and take it easy, and everyone else gets to shower her with love, affection, and gifts. Whether you're a mother yourself, or you're just in this world because you have one, what better way to spend Mother's Day weekend than by kicking back with one of these memorable Mother's Day flicks?

p>1. Mommie Dearest - What Mother's Day would be complete without a screening of Mommie Dearest, the film adaptation of the sensational tell-all book by Christina Crawford, adopted daughter of '40s glam movie star Joan Crawford? The younger Crawford revealed a decidely un-glam side of Ms. Crawford, complete with terroristic screaming fits in the garden, beatings with wire hangers, making her kids give all their Christmas presents away, and shipping her adopted brood off to boarding school.

2. Pick-a-Disney Flick - Pretty much any Disney movie you can pick is mother friendly, right? Well, maybe in the sense of the mother being killed off in the first few minutes of the story. Snow White? The nice mother dies, to be replaced by an evil stepmother. Ditto Cinderella. Bambi? Boom! The mother's dead, and poor little Bambi is left to survive on his own. Little Mermaid? Beauty and the Beast? The mother is never even mentioned. Finding Nemo? Mom and hundreds of unborn siblings are eaten in the intro. So, Happy Mother's Day, to all you moms from those mother-loving folks at the Mouse House.

3. Friday the 13th - Is there anything a mother won't do for her children? In Friday the 13th, Jason's mom, aka Mrs. Pamela Voorhees (Betsy Palmer)  takes mother-love to the extreme by ruthlessly slaying all those lazy-ass, sexually-overdriven teenagers who remind her of those dastardly camp counselors so many years ago who smoked pot and gleefully boffed each other while poor Jason drowned in the sparkling waters of Crystal Lake. Now that's a mom who deserves a bunch of daisies and breakfast in bed on her special day.

4. Psycho - Has any mother cared for her son more than Mrs. Bates cared for son Norman? I think not. Mrs. Bates so overwhelmed her son with her love and affection that she stayed with him even after death. Now THAT'S attached parenting.

5. Freaky Friday - What teenaged girl hasn't wished she could trade places with mom for a day? Snazzy car to drive, credit cards, and suddenly you're old enough to drink! But when the hot guy you have a crush on starts thinking mom is cooler than you -- ewwww! The 2003 Jamie Lee Curtis/Lindsay Lohan version of this film is far superior to the older version starring Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster.

6. Terms of Endearment - Okay, I admit it. It's sappy and melodramatic, but I'm a sucker for this movie. Shirley Maclaine and Debra Winger as the overbearing mother and the daughter who can't live up to her mother's expectations? Oh yeah. Throw in three adorable children, a husband who has an affair, then realizes what an asshole he's been when his wife is diagnosed with terminal cancer, and mother and daughter healing their relationship in the wake of looming death? You betcha. Watch this one with your mom, and make sure to bring plenty of tissues to mop up the inevitable tears.

7. Imitation of Life- This 1959 Douglas Sirk classic is one of my favorite movies of all time. Lana Turner plays Lora Meredith, a struggling white actress who meets a black woman, Annie, played to perfection by Juanita Moore, at Coney Island. Both women have daughters - Lora's daughter Susie is played by Sandra Dee and Annie's half-white daughter, Sarah Jane, is played by Susan Kohner. The heart of the story is the relationship between Sarah Jane, who can pass for white, and is bitterly ashamed of her black mother. Annie's patient and undying refusal to allow Sarah Jane to reject her love is heart-rending. I've never made it through a screening of this film without bawling my eyes out at the end, as a repentant-too-late Sarah Jane chases her mother's hearse. Every mother and daughter should watch this film.

What are your fave mother-themed movies? What did I overlook?

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