When I close my eyes and try to imagine a serious movie about a blind skier, I can't help my mind from wandering in the direction of a Farrelly Brothers comedy. Does this make me a bad person? Probably. But that doesn't change the fact that blind skiing sounds like an awful idea, one that is just asking for chuckles from an ignorant, politically incorrect person such as myself. Well, the people at Fox 2000 must be doing a better job imagining than I am. They have a film in the works called Into the Light, which appears to be a serious movie about a real-life blind skiier. It turns out, there are plenty of blind people who not only ski, but ski really fast.

A year ago, Fox bought the rights to the true story of Michael May, an athlete who holds the record for downhill skiing for a completely blind person (which is 65 mph for those who are curious). Now producer Gil Netter, who just so happened to produce the Farrelly's Fever Pitch, has hired Bruce Joel Rubin, who won an Oscar for writing Ghost (wait, Ghost won a screenplay Oscar?), to adapt the soon-to-be-released book by Robert Kurson.

I can't find what events the book will include, but in 2003 May made news by having his eyesight restored. If the concept sounds like good cinema, try to remember that Hollywood already tried it with the horrible Val Kilmer vehicle At First Sight. So, lets see. A film that combines a man who can't see speeding down a snowy hill and then later fumbling with newly-regained vision? Nah, that couldn't possibly be funny. I guess since Ray came along with the first sightless character not prone to slapstick or other comedy since maybe The Miracle Worker, Hollywood thinks they can make it work again. Me? I just can't see it.
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