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strong>Foreign and Arty
  • Cache (Hidden) (Sony) -- The Funny Games director still has a few nasty tricks up his sleeve. (Documentary on Haneke, featurette)
  • Ondskan (Evil) (Magnolia) -- Before he got the Derailed gig, Mikael Hafstrom made a good movie. (Deleted scenes, featurette)
  • Imagine Me & You (Fox) -- Just as predictable and generic as an American rom-com, only the Brits don't bother with all the fart jokes and animal gags. Plus, how often will you get to see Lena Headey and Piper Perabo kiss? (Director's commentary, cast interviews)
  • Why We Fight (Sony) -- And by "we," I mean Americans. (Filmmaker commentary, deleted scenes, Q&A session, TV clips with director Eugene Jarecki)
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