Love, sex, relationships, marriage, lies, cheating, betrayal, murder. Yeah, that pretty much describes a day in the life of most men on this planet. But that's what men do -- they wage a war inside against what feels good and what is good. They sin. This isn't to say women don't share in the sinning game -- they most certainly do. A lot. It's just men are the ones that get caught. They're the ones we pay more attention to. We expect it from a man, whereas we'd like to think of a lady as, well, a lady.

I've sinned. Oh yeah, if you searched hard enough inside my cramped New York City apartment, there's a little box of secrets kept hidden from the occasional guest. Not many people know the contents of said box. Those that do, however, were at some point shocked, deceived, disappointed and angry at me. They had to make a choice: Walk out of my life forever or close the box, put it away and continue on with the rest of our day. Sins and secrets. The two make a perfect match. One hides the awful actions of the other. It's the most common love affair human beings have with themselves. And things are swell until the love affair becomes a love triangle. After all, it's only a matter of time before consequence joins the party.

Sins and secrets. The following films are full of them. Yes, I know it's hard to think of such evil when the charismatic Zach Braff is sitting in a tree house above, taunting us with a face full of coming-of-age angst. Oh, but he's hiding something inside that cute, melancholy persona. He's hiding something big. Just like you. Or me. Welcome to this week's Trailer Park:

  • Not long ago, Zach Braff sneaked a semi-trailer for The Last Kissdue out this fall. Well, now, there's an official trailer, complete with dialogue and everything. Like with Garden State, Braff takes on another familiar role as the guy who needs to figure out what he's doing with the rest of his life. This time, actor-turned director Tony Goldwyn steps behind the camera to helm the pic, which also stars Jacinda Barrett and Casey Affleck.
  • In Lies and Alibis, a smooth-talking man (Steve Coogan) who runs an alibi service for cheating husbands gets into a whole lot of trouble thanks, in part, to a new client of his. What's an alibi service you ask? Well, it's exactly what you think it is. Some dude cheats on his wife, but doesn't want her to find out. So, he hires this service to make sure his extra-marital activities remain between himself and the other woman. Things appear to get out of hand when someone wants to use the service to cover up a crime, instead of an affair. Oohh, don't get any grand ideas guys -- it's just a movie. Not real. I hope. 
  • Ah, it's always refreshing to watch a nice film about a man who has an affair with his 18-year-old stepdaughter. In Mini's First Time, Alec Baldwin winds up getting seduced by his daughter through marriage, Nikki Reed. However, with Mom still in the picture, the two devise a plan to drive her insane and ultimately rid themselves of the nuisance. Nick Guthe penned the script and will make his directorial debut with a neat little cast that also includes Luke Wilson, Carrie-Ann Moss and Jeff Goldblum.
  • In the spirit of films like Dirty Dancing and Save the Last Dance, Step Up takes an inner-city delinquent and pairs him with a beautiful ballerina. When Tyler Gage (such a bad ass name, right?) gets into some trouble with the law, he's sentenced to 200 hours of community service as a janitor at a school for performing arts. There, he meets a dancer who's desperately in need of a partner. As luck would have it, Tyler has some wicked dance moves in his arsenal and the two, well, you can see where this is heading.
  • In Edmond , the always-reliable William H. Macy stars as a guy who's about to lose his mind. Based on the play by David Mamet, Macy plays Edmond Burke, a man who appears to have it all together. That is, until a fortune-teller predicts a big change in his life. This propels Edmond Burke into a sort of mid-life crisis as he descends upon the seedy underbelly of New York City. Throughout his journey, things grow increasingly darker as he struggles to figure out exactly what he's supposed to be doing, wanting and needing.