First off, let me just say I had a blast choosing the selections for this week's edition of Eat My Shorts. With thousands of short films available, it was nearly impossible to bring you the very best. Frankly, it would have taken me weeks to sort through them all, which means I will definitely need your help the next time we re-visit this topic. Which topic, you ask? Oh, just a tiny little thing called a fanfilm.

The closest I've come to being involved with a fanfilm was three years ago, when a friend of mine needed to create a Halloween-themed short as part of a contest he was entering. I forget the idea, but it was a spoof that included Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger and, of course, Michael Myers. Although the movie did not win (I believe it placed third overall), it was fun to watch how excited my friend became as he mulled over the different ways in which he could use three of his favorite horror-related characters in one story. While I've never been a huge fanfilm dude, his motivation and determination showed me just how meaningful fanfilms are, not only to the fanfilm community, but also to people like me ... who just want to be entertained.


Though it feels as if fanfilms have been around forever, it wasn't until the 1970's when sci-fi conventions paved the way for fans to create these movies, and showcase them to a community of folks who share similar interests. Seeing as you will rarely find a fanfilm distributed commercially (for obvious legal reasons), your best chance to catch these nuggets of gold is by searching for them online. Which is what I did. However, this February, fanboys everywhere will get a chance to catch a much larger fanfilm when Kyle Newman's Fanboys hits the big screen. Will this open the door for future big-screen fanfilms? God, I hope so.

As always, should you stumble across a great short online (be it a fanfilm or not), feel free to send all links, tips and suggestions to shorts AT cinematical DOT com. Got it? Good. Let's go watch some shorts ...

Okay, so I've decided to separate these shorts based upon which popular movie they're celebrating. And I tried to keep the list diverse, instead of simply throwing up a mix of Star Wars and Star Trek. In fact, there's no Trek in here at all. Kill me now! Not to worry, though: I certainly plan on dedicating future editions of Eat My Shorts to fanfilms, so feel free to send me some of your favorites. Heck, I haven't even touch Batman yet.

Pulp Fiction

  • Dick Fiction takes a real-life political nightmare and shows you how the entire situation might have played out had it been a part of Pulp Fiction. Remember when Vice President Chaney accidentally shot that dude while hunting birds, cows, black men -- what were they hunting again? Anyway, Dick Fiction shows you how the whole thing went down by re-creating that famous scene in which John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson visit Quentin Tarantino's house with a dead boy in the backseat of their car. Great stuff. (Note: Tons of foul language included)

The Matrix

  • The Matrix in Six Minutes is a fun little fanfilm which attempts to tell the story of the first Matrix movie in only six minutes. Using computer-generated LEGO characters, The Matrix in Six Minutes manages to capture all of your favorite scenes from the original -- and yes, that includes the fights. I don't know what it is, but there's something hilarious about watching LEGO Neo destroy a bunch of security guards in the lobby of a building. Oh, and LEGO Morpheus rocks! The Matrix in Six Minutes was directed by Colin James.


  • Combing through tons and tons of fanfilms, this was the only one that featured Ghostbusters. While the film could have easily been better, Ghostbusters of LA dazzles with its special effects and immediately prompted me to bust out the original Ghostbusters because, well, I simply needed more. Pic follows a brand new ghostbusting team in Los Angeles who are called to a bar when a nasty critter runs loose. Not only was this a wonderful fanfilm, but it was also created by visual effects students as part of an assignment for The Dave School in Orlando, Florida. Good work folks!

Lord of the Rings

  • Before I begin describing this next fanfilm, keep in mind I'm not a huge expert when it comes to Lord of the Rings. I really wish I could talk at length with you about Lord of the Rings: The Sons of Elrond, but I'd probably end of sounding like a jackass who doesn't know his ass from his elbow. However, I can tell you that The Sons of Elrond is an amazing computer-generated short which follows twin brothers Elladan and Elrohir as they travel throught Middle Earth in search of ... (Okay, here's where you huge LOTR fans will have to watch the film, come back and tell me the answer.) Directed by Toby and Cody McClure, The Sons of Elrond won Best Fan Film at TheOneRing Fan Film Awards in Pasadena, California.

Star Wars

  • After poking around the internet for awhile, I noticed there were roughly -- I don't know -- four billion Star Wars fanfilms out there. This made choosing one, well, quite a pain in the ass. I finally decided to go with SW Project because it was unlike any other Star Wars short I came across. Pic is a mockumentary which captures the behind-the-scenes of a Star Wars fanfilm in progress. Directed by Gregory Hiltz, SW Project won Best Mockumentary at the Star Wars Fan Film Awards. Damn, so not only to do they have fanfilm awards, but there's actually a category for best mockumentary? Crazy.

Once again folks, please send all links, tips and suggestions to shorts AT Cinematical DOT com. Cheers!

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