Whether it's an emotion, a memory, an event or another person, we often find ourselves unable to move past certain things and get on with our lives. We constantly question our thoughts, our actions -- how do we make this work? Is therapy the answer? Meditation? A hot bath? Perhaps packing up and shipping yourself halfway across the country will solve everything ... or not.

The following films all feature characters who either need help moving past their insecurities, or are brought in to help others deal with a heavy load of emotional baggage. From simply talking to a girl or fixing a marriage to nurturing those coming to terms with a horrific tragedy, sometimes, with only a nudge or a push, the grass can be green on both sides of the fence. Welcome to this week's Trailer Park:

  • In School for Scoundrels, Jon Heder plays Roger, a poor sap who finds it impossible to talk to a woman without passing out, literally. In desperate need of some confidence-boosting, Roger enrolls in a class -- taught by the devilish Billy Bob Thornton -- to learn how to score with the ladies. Once our hero finally gets his act together, he finds himself competing against his mentor for one woman's love. Can Heder take charge playing lead role in a major comedy? Fingers crossed.
  • Trust the Mantells the story of two men (David Duchovny, Billy Crudup) whose obsession with stuff like sports and sex strains the relationships with the women in their lives. If either one of these guys intend on discovering true happiness, they will have to set their priorities straight and focus on what matters the most. Directed by Bart Freundlich, pic also stars Julianne Moore, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Eva Mendes.
  • After his wife leaves him, a down-on-his-luck middle-aged man (Jeff Bridges) decides to hatch a very bizarre get-rich-quick scheme: Gather together a bunch of friends from town and produce a feature-length adult film. Only problem is said town is real small and none of these guys have ever made a film, let alone a porn film. If The Amateurs are going to make a name for themselves, they will need a ton of balls and, well, a naked woman would help out, too.
  • In Waltzing Anna, an unscrupulous NYC doctor (Robert Capelli Jr.) is sentenced to work at an upstate nursing home after he is caught taking advantage of the elderly through his practice. Yes, the good doctor must learn to take care of those around him before he will ever be able to take care of himself. You know a film is low-budget when Artie Lange pops up -- has he ever been in a film that didn't suck?
  • Based on an inspiring true story, We Are Marshall tells of a football coach (Matthew McConaughey) who is brought on to lead what's left of the Marshall University football team after a plane crash claims the lives of some of its players and fans. Coming into a very delicate situation, one man, unaffected by the events, must find a way to pull a community together and somehow re-kindle the spirit lost during the tragedy. (Note: This is a featurette and not a trailer.)