Seeing Courteney Cox in Zoom yesterday made me think, "Gee, I wonder what the heck the rest of the Friends are up to these days." This gave me an excellent opportunity to satisfy my freakish obsession for IMDb for the day by diving deep to see what else Cox-Arquette and her former cast mates are up to. If you're an IMDb addict like me, come take a look with me ...

Cox's close friend Jennifer Aniston has had a busy time in her personal life, what with breaking things off with Brad and hooking up with Vince (what do you think? Did she get an upgrade there?). Aniston wrapped 2006 early with The Break-Up, but appears to be gearing up for a busy 2007 with three films on her plate: Diary, a thriller whose description is "a married woman's diary is stolen and used against her"; The Senator's Wife, which, at the moment, shows no one but Aniston in the cast; and the one that shows the most promise from this vantage point, Wanted, in which she plays a framed cop who must break out of prison with her cellmate, played by Meryl Streep.

p>Courteney Cox has a couple more projects in the works herself: She has a role in The Tripper, the film by her hubby, David Arquette -- you remember, the one he lost the video of at Comic-Con? Yeah, that one, about a group of friends who head to a weeklong long concert for some good, clean, wholesome fun, only to be stalked by a killer with a Ronald Reagan obsession. And yes, Arquette (the male one) wrote it too. Can't you tell? Courteney will follow that up with the intriguingly named Untitled Courtney Cox Project, about what happens when a Southern socialite's daughter wants to be a hip-hoppin' fly girl.

The female Friend with the most serious streak thus far is Lisa Kudrow. Her last film of note was in last year's Happy Endings; she followed that up with a series for HBO called The Comeback, in which I thought she was quite good -- but apparently not enough people liked the show, because HBO canned it. Her only film so far listed for 2007 is Kabluey, about a guy who comes to help his sister-in-law deal with the kids while her husband is off in Iraq. I bet the wife (presumably Kudrow) ends up having a fling with the brother-in-law. I sure hope not, though.

It might be indicative of how his post-Friends career has gone so far, but I couldn't for the life of me remember Matt LeBlanc's name. I finally looked it up. He has nothing going on but his TV show, Joey, at the moment, and I don't even know if that's been renewed or not (I think not, though). I wonder how much LeBlanc splitting off from his wife and baby daughter has affected his perceived desirability in Hollywood?

Matthew Perry has a couple films lined up: Numb, where he plays the exhilirating role of a chronically depressed screenwriter (uh, yeah, I've dated enough of those guys in my day, I could do without seeing a whole movie about one) who desperately tries to stop being so morose and solopsistic for once in his life after he meets the girl of his dreams. Meh. Major, major redlight -- this film is written and directed by Harris Goldberg, who is personally responsible for the existence of the Deuce Bigalow films and, by extension, Rob Schneider's continued employment. Double meh. Perry's also listed on something called The Beginning of Wisdom, which has been around since 2005. Maybe something's finally happening there. It's about an old Montana rancher who has a romance with a young hippie. Wonder which one Perry plays?

David Schwimmer has been the most bankable male Friend to date; fresh off this year's successful animated flick, Madagascar, Schwimmer has four films lined up in the bullpen. First up is Big Nothing, listed as being in post; this one also has Mimi Rogers, aka The First Mrs. Tom "Scientology" Cruise. I bet she has some stories to tell around the set watercooler. Next up, Schwimmer is voicing two animated flicks, Ratatouille and Madagascar 2 (oh, you knew there was going to be a sequel to that one, didn't you?) Last up for Schwimmer is a film called Run, Fat Boy, Run (that's a working title, right guys?) about a chunky, clueless guy who leaves his fiancee at the altar, only to realize 10 years later that he was a freaking idiot.

That's it for our Friends cast members, folks. Which of the six Friends do you like best in their post-Friends careers?

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