A few weeks ago (early on a Saturday morning, to be precise -- what's that about?), Fox Searchlight brought together five rooms full of journalists and the stars and writer-director of Trust the Man for a few hours of friendly grilling about the film, which opens this Friday (Kim's review will go up soon). Each star -- David Duchovny, Julianne Moore, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Billy Crudup -- as well as writer-director Bart Freundlich (AKA Mr. Julianne Moore) came into the rooms separately, and spent about 20 minutes taking questions. What follows are the five most thrilling tidbits from each person's stint in my room.

Julianne Moore
  • Is really, really, really tiny. Like, porcelain doll tiny.
  • Likes to be left alone on movie sets; working with her husband makes that easy because he knows not to bug her when she's busy trying to act.
  • The thing in the movie about the retainer in bed? Straight out of the Moore-Freundlich bedroom. Yes, Julianne Moore sleeps with a retainer -- even she isn't perfect.
  • Their kids (four and eight) get to travel with them to cool locations when possible, but haven't seen any of her movies. Which is good, because everything Jurassic Park is way too scary for anybody younger than, like, 25.
  • When Gyllenhaal was nervous about the rest of the cast being so close, Moore said "Don't worry. Everybody's an asshole." And then everything was fine.
strong>Bart Freundlich
  • Crudup and Duchovny are his best friends.
  • He's funny -- way funnier than you'd expect from his other movies (this is something every single person said about 40 times, so it's either true or something they really want us to believe).
  • Yes, there are elements of him in all the characters. No, Duchovny's character, the less-famous, father of two, writer-husband of a famous actress is not him.
  • Still isn't sure the end of the movie works with the rest of the film, which is a refreshing admission to hear a director make.
  • Not a fan of the poster, which he thinks looks photoshopped and misrepresents the movie. Despite that, however, he loves Fox Searchlight and their marketing department (not my sarcasm -- he really did say that sincerely).
Billy Crudup
  • Happily for any woman with whom he's ever been involved, he's the complete opposite of his character Toby, who Crudup described (somewhat fondly, it must be said) as "an infant."
  • Was relieved to get to play a silly character for once, instead of suffering and emoting all the time.
  • In The Good Shepard, he plays a character based on British spy Kim Philby and gets to wear great clothes.
  • Also, he got along really well with Matt Damon on the Good Shepard set. (Which makes me thinks this Crudup guy might just be alright.)
  • Will be appearing this fall at Lincoln Center in a trio of plays by Tom Stoppard called The Coast of Utopia. They're about Russian politics in the 19th century -- he tried to make them sound rock 'n' roll, but even he knew it was a lie.
David Duchovny
  • A normal-sized human being.
  • Still clinging to the sort of charming hope that House of D will find an audience on DVD.
  • The porn scene (you'll know it when you see it) was inspired by someone Duchovny, Crudup and Freundlich all know, but not by any of them. Hmm ...
  • A really, really funny scene involving his genitalia was cut from the movie. Not to worry, though -- it's on the DVD (for which he's already recorded commentary).
  • Yes, he's down with doing another X-Files movie. As are Gillian Anderson and creator Chris Carter, "in theory." It's in studio hands, apparently. (And though Anderson does now live in London, another movie is still possible. As Duchovny pointed out, "It's a plane ride away. It's not like she's had a sex change.")
Maggie Gyllenhaal
  • Very pregnant.
  • Swears she really digs the slew of movie she has coming out now (Trust the Man, World Trade Center, Sherrybaby), which makes it easy to do press for them. When she's pushing movies she doesn't like, not surprisingly, it's "really deadening."
  • Not interested in doing movies that you "turn off your brain" to watch. Ouch. If I was Will Smith, I'd totally take that personally.
  • Did I mention that she's pregnant?
  • Despite the fact that a)she's going to be at home with the baby for a while, and b)her mom is a writer, she has no interest whatsoever in screenwriting. Take that, curious journalist.