In honor of our own Mark Beall's recent wedding, we're delving into the world of brides, grooms and missing rings on this week's Eat My Shorts. Surprisingly, I was unable to find a ton of content online when it came to this topic. Why are you people not making shorts about weddings? There's so much material here!

Based on all the crap I went through while planning my own wedding, there are a number of subjects one can cover: How about the proposal? Engagement party? Locating a wedding hall? Choosing the rings, music, flowers and photography? Oh, and what about selecting just the right menu? (Which, honestly, was my favorite part of the whole thing.) Do I even need to mention the bachelor and bachelorette parties? All that aside, the actual wedding day is an epic film in and of itself.

Yeah, so congrats Mark! And good luck! As always, keep sending in those shorts, people -- we're getting a ton of awesome material which I'll be featuring in upcoming editions of Eat My Shorts. If you spot a great short film online and feel like sharing, all tips links and suggestions should be sent to shorts AT cinematical DOT com. Now, ladies and gentlemen, you're cordially invited to join me and watch some shorts ...

p>I figured we would begin with an ode to the folks that aren't getting married. Though, because they're IN the wedding, a tremendous amount of responsibility falls on their shoulders. For girls, there's the dress, the hair, the make-up, the bridal shower and the bachelorette party. For guys, well, get a tux and show up. Oh, and if you're the best man -- don't lose the ring.

  • Taking the Plunge is a comedic short film that tells of what happens when the best man at a wedding accidentally drops the ring down the toilet. With the ceremony about to begin, this dude must venture out into a small town on a Sunday afternoon in search of a plumber and a prayer. Directed by Matt Newcomb, Taking the Plunge was part of a 48 hour short film festival in Aberdeen, SD.
  • Hey, you know things are bad for this dude when you happen upon the following line: "In Living Color's David Alan Grier stars ...". Well, if you're wondering whatever happened to Grier, you can find him in the short film, Damned If You Do. Pic revolves around a shy man who lives in the shadow of his much cooler brother. When he accidentally falls to his death on the day of that brother's wedding, our hero meets up with the devil (Grier) and is offered a chance to seek out revenge upon his sibling.

Basically, if you're the groom, all you have to do is show up and look good. However, in the days leading up to the wedding, you should probably stay away from any activity that can cause harm to you, your body or the wedding.

  • Based on a true story, How I Hurt My Back ... Six Days Before My Wedding is a cute animated short that makes it seem as if a man's accidental back injury six days before his wedding was, well, not an accident after all. Written and directed by Ben Rubin, pic asks the simple question: What do aliens have against weddings?

Hurting yourself before the big day is one thing. But what if you're not sure if the whole day should happen in the first place? Pre-wedding jitters happen to everyone (I assume) -- how does one get past them?

  • Mum is a sad little animated short directed by Nicholas Paterson. Faced with a difficult choice, a young bride must decide if getting married is the right thing for her. Mum has one numerous awards, including Best Animated Short in the Yahoo! Online Film Festival.

Okay, so the day is here and the wedding is taking place. Hooray! You made it! Or did you?

  • The Big Day is a strange little short about a guy who marries a doll. Or is it a doll? And where is the real bride? Screw that, what are all those stuffed animals doing there? While it's a tad long, the film is worth a watch .. if only to check out the, um, pretty sick ending.

As always, all tips, links and suggestions regarding Eat My Shorts can be sent to shorts AT cinematical DOT com.

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