Yeah, what about the children? I hear this line spoken over and over again -- by comedians, politicians and parents -- but no one ever seems to have an answer. How can we prevent our kids from growing up to be as screwed up as we are? And, are we really that screwed up?

The films this week all involve kids ... though not all of these flicks are geared toward the little ones. (Oh, and before you ask -- yes, I feel most of the soldiers fighting in Iraq are kids too. And if you don't know what I mean by saying that, keep reading.) Welcome to another edition of Cinematical's Trailer Park ...

  • Based on the book by Tom Perotta (who loves to delve into the seedy worlds behind white picket fences and manicured lawns, as he did with the very awesome Election), Little Children revolves around a group of suburban parents who raise kids, cheat on their spouses and struggle to become who they really want to be. Pic stars Kate Winslet, Patrick Wilson and Jennifer Connelly.
  • For a young Jewish boy approaching the age of 13, there's nothing more important and prestigious than his bar-mitzvah. After all, it's the day you become a man. Well, imagine it's 1966 and your bar-mitzvah just happens to fall on the same day your country is playing in the championship game of The World Cup. This is the premise for Sixty Six, a pic set in England that stars Helena Bonham Carter as the poor mother put in charge of managing her family and pulling off this bar-mitzvah without letting a game of football get in the way.
  • Originally slated to be directed by the late Christopher Reeve and filmed under the title Yankee Irving, Everyone's Hero is a charming little animated film that tells the story of a boy who travels cross-country in order to help recover Babe Ruth's stolen bat, thereby helping the Yankees win the World Series.
  • Written and directed by Patricia Foulkrod, The Ground Truth is a documentary that follows a group of American soldiers fighting in Iraq and the effect this war has had on their families, their country and themselves.
  • After the film sparked political controversy when it screened at Michael Moore's Traverse City Film Festival, Jesus Camp now has a trailer online. Pic follows a group of kids who attend a religious-themed summer camp in the hopes of becoming the next Billy Graham.