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Recent Theatricals

Akeelah and the Bee (Lionsgate) -- Bee-movie should make for an interesting double feature alongside Spellbound (the documentary, not the Hitchcock). (three featurettes, deleted scenes, gag reel)

Friends With Money
(Sony) -- Aniston, Cusack, Keener & McDormand? Count me in. (filmmaker commentary, three featurettes)

Lonesome Jim (IFC) -- Y'know, that Buscemi guy is not just a pretty face; he's actually a pretty good director. (filmmaker commentary, featurette)

Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World (WB) -- We all love Albert Brooks' patented brand of nebbishy neuroses, but let's chalk this one up to bad timing. (deleted scenes)

Mountain Patrol: Kekexili (Sony) -- A fantastic doco-style story about the dangers of Tibetan antelope poaching. Rent it. (no extras)

The Sentinel (Fox) -- Just keeping us warm until 24: The Movie shows up. (writer/director commentary, four deleted scenes, two featurettes)

Take the Lead (New Line) -- Because middle-aged housewives like movies too. That's why. (director/editor commentary, seven deleted scenes, four featurettes, three remixed trailers)
Catalog Picks

Let's Scare Jessica to Death (Paramount, 1971) -- Embarrassed to admit I've not seen this one ... yet. (no extras)

Trilogy of Terror (Dark Sky, 1975) -- If an anthology is only as good as its best story, then this one kicks some Zuni Fetish Butt. (Karen Black commentary, two featurettes)

The Chuck Norris Collection (MGM) -- Where else can you get both Delta Forces and all three Missing in Actions for 24 bucks? Oh yeah, any flea market in America. (Chuck Norris counted to infinity -- twice.)

Fox Film Noir: Fourteen Hours (1951), Shock (1946) & Vicki (1953) -- Yay, another noir trio to add to my Netflix queue! (I love historian commentaries!)

Gregory Hines Double Feature: Tap (1989) & White Nights (1985) -- Good ol' Gregory Hines. The movies weren't so great, but he sure was.

Douglas, Turner & DeVito Double Feature: Romancing the Stone SE & The Jewel of the Nile SE (Fox) -- Stone holds up wonderfully well. Jewel ... does not. (featurettes and deleted scenes aplenty, director commentary only on the sequel)

John Hughes & Howard Deutch Double Feature: Pretty in Pink SE & Some Kind of Wonderful SE (Paramount) -- Raise your hand if you think Wonderful is considerably better than Pink. I can't be the only one. (numerous featurettes and a commentary on each)

The Lord of the Rings Limited Edition (New Line) -- Yeah, right. Like you didn't see these re-issues coming. (Theatrical/Extended Editions and a brand-new 5-hour documentary spread across the platters)


Brother Bear 2
(Disney) -- Meanwhile, the world silently yearns for a Strange Brew 2. (featurette, games)