You not only can see a variety of movies in Austin theaters this week, but also may stumble across one or two that are currently shooting on location here. Austinist has a handy list of films that have been filming or will film in Austin soon. Meanwhile, Austin Movie Blog explains that Red Apple cigarette billboard for those who aren't giant Quentin Tarantino fans.
  • Idiocracy opens in Austin theaters today, as well as in six or seven other cities. Here's a chance to see the Mike Judge movie, shot in Austin in 2004, before the rest of the country ... and either thumb your nose at them or warn them all away. The Quiet, shot in Austin with help from Burnt Orange Productions, also opens in town this week.
  • How can you tell it's Labor Day weekend in Austin? Because The Paramount is showing Gone with the Wind, as they have done every year in recent memory (probably since 1939). Bring a small pillow or blanket for the Sunday screenings, because four hours in The Paramount's seats can get a mite uncomfortable.
  • The Paramount is extending its Summer Movie Classics series past Labor Day this year. On Tuesday and Wednesday nights, you can see a double-feature of French film noir, Elevator to the Gallows and Quai des Orfevres, both newly restored prints. On Thursday and Friday, Raiders of the Lost Ark is showing, and if you want the whole Indiana Jones trilogy, you can watch them back-to-back on Saturday and Sunday. (Be aware that the Paramount is unfortunately not charging one admission for the triple-feature -- you have to pay for a second ticket to Raiders.)
  • Austin Film Society begins a new film series this week: "Surviving the Blacklist: Joseph Losey in Europe." The series opens Tuesday night with 1962's Eva, which stars Jeanne Moreau.
  • Director Richard Rush will be at Alamo Downtown on Wednesday night, attending screenings of two of his films, The Stunt Man and Psych-Out; you can either buy individual tickets or see the pair as a double-feature. I love The Stunt Man, especially Peter O'Toole's performance as director John Huston Eli Cross. Rush directed a lot of stunt-heavy films, including biker flicks like The Savage Seven and Hells Angels on Wheels.
  • If you do attend the Richard Rush set on Wednesday, you might want to stay at Alamo Downtown for the free Weird Wednesday series at midnight. This week's offering is Chained Heat, the 1983 women-in-prison flick starring Linda Blair and Sybil Danning. The cast also includes John Vernon (the dean in Animal House), Henry Silva and Stella Stevens.
  • Paul Williams is in town next weekend and you have two chances to see him in person -- and one with free admission! Williams will attend a free outdoor screening of The Muppet Movie, for which he composed the songs, next Saturday night at Republic Square Park. Next Sunday, he'll be at Alamo Downtown's sing-along screening of Brian De Palma's cult classic Phantom of the Paradise, in which he stars (for proof, see the above photo).
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