I've been reading a lot of chatter on films screening at the Toronto International Film Festival and, before I started reading said chatter, I chattered about it with a Toronto resident/attendee, in order to gain a better understanding of what was being shown this year, as well to guide my friend into seeing and reporting on films that particularly interest me.

Though I can't say I recommend seeing it, I was quite intrigued to read an article regarding Manoel de Oliveira's sequel to Bunuel'sBelle de Jour, titled Belle Toujours (Beautiful Every Day). At first, I thought, does this movie actually exist? How come nobody's mentioned it? Actually, Oliveira himself has mentioned it - he wrote his own summary of the film on IMDb. For those interested, it premieres in Toronto on September 13, and then again on the 15th.

Basically, the film revisits the life of one of Severine's friends, Henri (Deneuve is no longer Severine, but Henri is played, again, by Michel Piccoli, who has aged into a kind of soft, grandfatherly-looking sadist). In the original, Henri relentlessly stalked Severine -- looking to consummate some adulterous rendevous, until he discovered her secret life as a whore. Years later, Henri runs into Severine by chance at a Dvorak concert, and the pursuit begins anew. I'm intrigued to know the purpose of this pursuit, as I always thought he gave up on her in Belle de Jour because the power he'd hold over her is the power to reveal her secret. But it's been a while since I've seen the original.

p>Deneuve actually worked with Oliveira in the only Oliveira movie I've seen, O convento, which co-starred John Malkovich. Convento, as I remember, was an alarmingly pretentious exploration of the devil's powers, and the first in a series of 90's movies that existed seemingly for the sole purpose of glorifying Deneuve (My Favorite Season, Les voleurs and Place Vendome being hugely notable exceptions to the preceding classification). Oliveira made headlines during Convento for being a really elderly director at the time of the filming. Now, he's really elderly, and so are Henri and Severine.

Which Torontites amongst you will be seeing this? Would you care to share some insight into it?