Argh, I totally dropped the ball last week and forgot to tell you about a really cool thing TCM (Turner Classic Movies) was throwing together. Throughout the month of September, TCM is partnering with Hermès and paying tribute to short films with a festival titled Behind the Camera: The Shorts Circuit. For those interested in checking out some of these shorts, TCM will mix them into their on-air schedule, throw a few online and host various premiere events around the country.

Okay, so if there's still some time left in September, then how exactly did I drop the ball? Well, this past friday TCM aired a slew of shorts (24 hours worth to be exact) ... and I forgot to tell you about it. Kill me now! Hopefully some of you managed to catch a few, it really was a special event. If it wasn't for a friend of mine (who, at the last second decided to use my DVR to record about five hours worth), I would have missed the entire thing. Instead, we were able to catch a bunch of shorts directed by folks like Martin Scorsese, Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick.

However, TCM did throw a few shorts online and we'll check those out in a second. But first, I want to thank all of you for tipping me off on some wonderful short films. I promise to include a few of them in the next edition of Eat My Shorts. As always, if you happen upon a sweeet looking short online and think it would be perfect Eat My Shorts content, then feel free to send all tips, links and suggestions to shorts AT cinematical DOT com. With that, let's go watch some shorts ...

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