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15 Actors From the Land Down Under

    The Master Thespian
    Cate Blanchett

    Hails From: Melbourne
    Film Cred: Oscar gold for 'The Aviator' and a nod for 'Elizabeth.'
    Why Her: From her award-winning, breakout turn as England's virgin queen to her equally as regal role as Lothlorien's elven queen, Blanchett is always a revelation. Need more proof? See 'Babel.' All hail the queen of Aussie actors!

    George Pimentel, WireImage

    The Triple Threat
    Hugh Jackman

    Hails From: Sydney
    Film Cred: Wolverine in the 'X-Men' franchise, 'Van Helsing'
    Why Him: A leading man in the Cary Grant mold, he's compelling in any genre: action, romance ('Kate & Leopold') or drama ('The Prestige'); PLUS he can sing and dance. Make that quintuple threat!

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    The Class Act
    Nicole Kidman

    Hails From: Sydney
    Film Cred: She showed versatility in 'Moulin Rouge,' Oscar-winning chops in 'The Hours' and her nude form in, um, like 13 films.
    Why Her: She sings, she dances, she wins awards. And she's just a little more press-friendly than her couch-jumping ex.

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    The Drama King
    Russell Crowe

    Hails From: Sydney
    Film Cred: One Oscar win ('Gladiator'), two nominations ('The Insider,' 'A Beautiful Mind'), one snub ('Cinderella Man')
    Why Him: Crowe may have the nastiest temper in Hollywood, but the man can act his arse off. Just don't interview him about it.

    Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

    The Real Thing
    Jacinda Barrett

    Hails From: Brisbane
    Film Cred: She holds her own opposite Zach Braff in 'The Last Kiss' and Billy Bob Thornton in 'School for Scoundrels.'
    Why Her: Turns in a trio of summer flicks proved she's the most talented alum of MTV's 'Real World.' Sorry, Puck.

    Lisa O'Connor, ZUMA Press

    The Oscar Upstart
    Heath Ledger

    Hails From: Perth
    Film Cred: 'Monster's Ball,' Oscar nod for 'Brokeback Mountain'
    Why Him: Instead of taking leading-man roles, Ledger first built up his repertoire in smaller films. Last year, his indirect path finally led him to acclaim and A-list status. Patience is a virtue, Heath.

    Carlo Allegri, Getty Images

    The Melancholy Beauty
    Naomi Watts

    Hails From: Sydney
    Film Cred: She wowed us in 'Mulholland Drive,' got an Oscar nod for '21 Grams' and wooed a giant ape in 'King Kong.'
    Why Her: It's hard to believe someone so beautiful could be so tortured, yet she makes us believe time and time again.

    John Spellman, Retna

    The Brooder
    Eric Bana

    Hails From: Melbourne
    Film Cred: 'Munich,' 'The Hulk'
    Why Him: Whether he's playing a prince, a scientist or an assassin, Bana specializes in the tortured soul -- the reluctant hero who questions his every move. But he always looks damn good doing it. Even in green.

    Kevin Winter, Getty Images

    The Sexy & Smart One
    Isla Fisher

    Hails From: Sydney
    Film Cred: 'I Heart Huckabees,' 'Wedding Crashers'
    Why Her: To be the breakout comic in a movie starring Vince Vaughn AND Owen Wilson is a feat only Will Ferrell could achieve, until Fisher stole the show. She had us on the beach. And dinner.

    Glenn Weiner, ZUMA Press

    The Role Player
    Hugo Weaving

    Hails From: Sydney
    Film Cred: Two little trilogies: 'The Matrix' and 'The Lord of the Rings'
    Why Him: Three words catapulted him into epic fandom: "Hello, Mr. Anderson." Need someone to wear funny costumes, nail an inimitable accent or steal scenes with a few lines? He's your man.

    John Stanton, WireImage

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