Do I even need to link to one of the hundreds of articles about Britney Spears filing for divorce? The news threatened to overshadow the U.S. election results this week. Hell, it overshadowed the speculation about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding venue, and we all know how important that is. I can only read so many news items about the validity of the original Spears-Federline ceremony and how Britney giving away baby photos affects their pre-nup and where Kevin Federline is buying his boxers now. I am burned out. I may have to read George Will columns to recuperate. And I don't want to hear any more about Anna Nicole Smith either, although I do think it's funny that the Bahamian government now considers her a political liability.
  • Ah, here we go -- civilized celebrity news. Cate Blanchett (pictured above) has become co-artistic director with her husband of the Sydney Theater Company. She wants to focus on this work primarily, decreasing her acting work. It sounds admirable but I'll be sorry to see her in fewer films.
  • George Clooney wants you to know that he was misquoted as saying Sen. Barack Obama told him that he (Obama) was planning to run for President. I can pretend I included this little news item in the list to incorporate politics and raise the tone of this week's column, but you all know I just wanted to write about Clooney. There's a photo in that TMZ article, too.
  • Lindsay Lohan once again made gossip headlines this week. This time, she had something rather uncomplimentary to say about Paris Hilton. Also, she stepped out in an outfit that I believe was meant to have a nautical flavor, but instead was mocked for resembling a pointing arrow. As if that weren't enough, Egotastic noted the shirt's translucence.
  • Daniel Baldwin also returns to the public eye this week -- not to promote his latest acting role, but because he was arrested on charges of car theft and drug possession. Mercury must be retrograde for Baldwin this year: he was involved in a high-speed car crash in July, and was previously arrested in April.
  • When it comes to scary photos, somehow Matthew McConaughey always seems to surface. This time, Popsugar has a little collage of the Austin actor in Australia, taking time out from the set of Fool's Gold to celebrate his birthday. He looks more demonic than celebratory; perhaps he's just one of those people who doesn't look good in spontaneous photographs. [via Egotastic]
  • This photo is also available on your local newsstand: Ashley Judd undressed, on the cover of Marie Claire. I wish she were promoting Bug instead of Come Early Morning; the William Friedkin film is so much better, and she's better in it.
  • Finally, love her or hate her, here's the photo from Kirstie Alley's appearance in a bikini on Oprah, to show off her recent weight loss. I've heard a lot of catty comments about the bikini and the pantyhose, but I thought she looked just fine.
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