Over the years, Toronto has become the faux façade for many films. So many, in fact, that I'm surprised there isn't a cheesy guided tour of the filmed locales, a la L.A.'s death tours, star homes and the like. Nevertheless, many Torontonians play the "Spot the neighborhoods of Toronto " game. Some are obvious. The Dan forth became the windy city for My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Patrick Bateman ran around the financial district in American Psycho. Roy Thomson Hall hosted a political conference in X-Men.

But The Poet is going to do all of them one better. The film, which just began shooting, is a period piece set in occupied Poland during World War II. Damien Lee is directing the feature, which is adapted from a story by Jack Crystal. You might be familiar with Lee's work on such cinematic powerhouses as Baby on Board or Ski School, or maybe Corey Haim's Watchers, which Lee co-wrote with Bill Freed.

The Poet is a bit different. It's a romance about a German officer who falls in love with the Polish daughter of a rabbi, who is set to wed a doting, Orthodox Jewish man. Ah, the classic story of the lure between bad passion and boring sweetness. The theme might be over-done, but the cast looks promising. The leads are less well-known -- prolific bit-part actor Jonathan Scarfe is the German officer, and Nina Dobrev of Sarah Polley's Away From Her is the young woman. However, the supporting cast makes things a touch more intriguing – Daryl Hannah, Colm Feore and Roy Scheider.

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