Jennifer AnistonThe celebrities, they are just like us. So many of us in the U.S. have been dealing with Thanksgiving plans this week -- which relatives should we invite? Jennifer Aniston decided to invite the parents of her ex, Brad Pitt, for Turkey Day. And of course this caused the same stir that it might if you did the same thing (with your ex's family, I mean, not Pitt's) -- allegedly Angelina Jolie was unhappy about this. (via Radar Online)

However, Aniston's invite may have freed up Pitt and Jolie's Thanksgiving plans -- they escaped to Ho Chi Minh City on Thursday, where they toured the city on a motorcycle, then had yummy Vietnamese food. How many of us have tried the same thing when our family plans have turned out to be disappointing or unrealistic? Maybe we should.

Despite the holiday, many celebrities were kind and thoughtful enough to keep on providing us with news. Michael Richards seemed to be working overtime to make the gossip rounds, as did Kelly Ripa, but other notable stars also helped: ul>
  • Jackie Chan is launching a cosmetics and skin-care product line. Somehow this reminds me of the episode of The Simpsons with the Krusty the Klown home pregnancy test. Don't get any ideas from that, Jackie. (via Oh No They Didn't!)
  • Does anyone else remember Tawny Kitaen, whose best-known movie role has probably been Tom Hanks' bride-to-be in Bachelor Party? The actress was charged with felony drug possession this week after cocaine was allegedly found in her home, back in May.
  • Speaking of celebrities and crimes, Wesley Snipes still hasn't turned himself in after being charged with tax fraud. He says he's being treated as a scapegoat because he's a celebrity, and intends to tell the whole story. Eventually.
  • After all that crime talk, I'd like to share some less gossipy but still interesting news: Kevin Kline will play the title role in King Lear, in a stage production directed by James Lapine. I wish I were in New York next February, as this sounds interesting. Kline can't possibly be old enough to play Lear ... okay, I guess we're all getting up there.
  • I still can't find any scary celebrity photos. Are the paparazzi all on vacation? In the meantime, enjoy some alluring photos of Penelope Cruz taken for the 2007 Pirelli calendar.
  • Scary correspondence: Defamer shares a very special letter from Marlon Brando to Charlie Sheen. It isn't pretty. There are some phrases in there that I'd never thought I'd read. You've been warned.
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