Britney SpearsUsually on Cinematical, when we talk about "exhibition" we are referring to the business of theaters showing movies. We are not referring to celebrities showing ... things we might prefer not to see. However, the recurring story that is buzzing all over the universe of celebrity gossip has to do with Britney Spears continually going out on the town in short skirts and nothing underneath, and then doing what is becoming known as an "upskirt," which simply means she forgot all those lessons from older female relatives about sitting in a ladylike and modest fashion. I have seen more photos this week with significant bits covered by stars or other graphics, and I prefer not to click on the photos to view what is being hidden. (Gawker simply posts the undoctored photos after the jump, which is something I found out the hard way.) Perhaps she's allergic to certain fabrics?

Rosie O'Donnell actually bought the actress/singer a pair of underwear (which look similar to the pair sported by Jamie Kennedy) and wants to teach Spears "how to wear underwear again." However, I feel that the best and most genteel solution might be intensive etiquette lessons with a strong focus on entering and exiting vehicles properly, even while under the influence of alcohol or Paris Hilton. And -- I can't believe I just wrote two paragraphs about a celebrity's lack of panties. I need to take a shower before I tackle the rest of last week's news highlights. Excuse me for a moment ... ul>
  • Sofia Coppola gave birth on Tuesday to a little girl. The daddy is Coppola's boyfriend Thomas Mars. They've decided to name the baby Romy, which is cute but does make me think the child must look like a miniature Mira Sorvino.
  • Lindsay Lohan would like you to know that she's started attending AA meetings. And not to prepare for method acting in an upcoming movie, either.
  • When George Clooney vowed to go out on the town with a variety of people to confuse paparazzi, I didn't think he meant Danny DeVito. Apparently they had a rather wild night, which unfortunately preceded DeVito's notorious appearance on the TV show The View the next morning. I guess the scheme is working, since paparazzi have produced no photos from the evening. Perhaps that's best.
  • Snoop Dogg was arrested again, this time for allegedly possessing a handgun and illegal drugs. Maybe he took that "Hound of Hell" role in his movie Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror a little too seriously.
  • I told you this would happen: Actual, legitimate Kazakh film crews are having trouble getting anyone to believe that they're trying to cover serious news while in America, thanks to Borat.
  • Photo of the week: Risky Biz Blog not only reports that Heath Ledger and MIchelle Williams picked up a marriage license last week, but posts a priceless photo of the couple trying to ward off photographers. (It's not safe for work.)
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