Wow. Either we have some really funny readers, or you guys were hitting the keg before you submitted your entries to our Caption This! Beerfest Unrated DVD Giveaway. We had a hard time narrowing down our winner and runners-up, but we finally managed to make a decision. Our winner will receive our fabulous Beerfest Unrated DVD Prize Package, which includes:

1 Completely, Totally Unrated Beerfest DVD

1 Navy Blue Bottle Opener Hat (Everyone who has seen this wants it!)

1 Black "Schnitzengiggle Tavern" Tee

1 Beer Mug Glasses (The kind you wear!)

1 Beautiful Beer Stein with Domed Lid

1 Alcohawk ™ Personal Breathalyzer (This is real and high-end.)

Our four runners-up will each receive a copy of the Beerfest Unrated DVD.

Winner and runners-up after the jump ... span style="font-weight: bold;"> THE WINNER:

After a few years without steady income Patricia Arquette decided to call her agent about that role on "Medium". - submitted by Kurifurisan


"This game was just as fun back home, but Grandma didn't look quite as good in the uniform." - submitted by Robinho

"This beats the hell out of the last competition... bobbing for apples in klaus's lederhosen." - submitted by Matt Beauchemin

"Yes indeed, there is never a shortage of customers at 'Heidi's Pretzel Tent' since she moved to just across the street from the 'NoCarb' Weight Loss Clinic." - submitted by Charlie King

"Between the over indulgent beer drinking out of ceramic footwear, the oom-pah sound of polka music in the background, Grandfathers ashes under their arm, and the hot blonde in the dirndl carrying Brezel for all to consume... Just a typical thursday night on the University of Wisconsin - Madison campus." - submitted by Bus

Congratulations to our winners! We'll be in touch to get your mailing addresses, so we can get your prizes on their way!
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